New Valkyrie of the Batllefield screenshots

Sega published another batch of Valkyrie of the Battlefield screenshots. The game will be avalaible in Japan April 24.

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w3irdos3804d ago

what's next gen about this game? from the screenshots I'm not really impressed

TwelveGauge-GT3803d ago

You have to see it in motion to really appreciate it. Check the trailers on, the cell-shading is amazing.

SolidSnake933803d ago

Is this game part of a series?

avacadosnorkel3803d ago

They need to make an English version.

Asurastrike3803d ago

This game looks amazing. We need this in English Sega!

Btw, terms like "Next gen" are stupid. Every gen is current gen when it hits us.

rCrysis3803d ago

is awesome. the gameplay is awesome. TPS was always my thing.

i hope the storyline is as good as good as JRPGs. Yet again, SEGA has some great storylines.

English? Maybe 3-5 months after Japanese release. Hopefully