PC Gaming Not Dying - Because Mark Rein Says So


"Writers cram into a conference room, with the promise of a PC gaming announcement powered by several prominent figures at corporations such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, Epic, Activision, and Intel. That is exactly what we got - although it may not have been the type of announcement many of us were expecting."

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Fishy Fingers3657d ago

Mark Rein going to give away top spec gaming rigs free with his next game then?

Tyrael3657d ago

PC game not dying because Blizzard still makes games.

Fishy Fingers3657d ago

True... but not the games i wanna play : (

VigorousApathy3656d ago

Blizzard can't save its entire industry. They can only release one legendary game every year or so. And larger companies like Microsoft releasing a crappy game every week cancel them out anyway. That's probably why they cobbled together some computer components and dove into the console industry. But then they started making games for consoles too... and now look where they are.

Gorgon3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

"However, if you ask them they will tell you that the PC gaming industry is not dying, and that it is in fact growing each year. Not sure about you, but I have never seen a super hero, or group of super heroes for that matter, attempt to save something they didn’t believe was in danger."

HAHAHAH, man, this one was pure gold.

This one is even better:

"My next question revolved around our role as press and whether or not we were focusing too much on the negative when we talk about the specs of games like Crysis being overly ambitious? Mark responded again, stating:

“No, I don’t. I think you should be focusing on kicking the cans of the guys who own PC’s that can’t run them.”"

Right...Not sure its the best path to revive PC gaming. I smell a (BIG) fiasco here.

ohhthegore3657d ago

thats such a stupid picture

VigorousApathy3656d ago

So Mark's solution to the decline of PC gaming is to kick poor people? In their hindquarters no less? And this guy gets paid money?

Here's an idea, make your games for computer's that exist now instead of computers that may exist in the future. Also I can't afford a microcomputer to play video games. And it would be too heavy to take on vacation even if I could.