Sucker Punch Working On Unannounced Game

Just what exactly is Sucker Punch up to?

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KangarooSam1899d ago

Having just started playing inFamous I can say I'm in love with Sucker Punch. I hope it's a Vita title. :)

NukaCola1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Agree. I love that Media Molecule and Guerrilla Games are doing Vita titles. I would love to see the other top AAA Sony devs doing some big things for this little beast of a machine.

I would really love to see an inFAMOUS sub story on Vita, or even a new superhero with new abilities in a sandbox title.

KangarooSam1899d ago

Tearaway looks too good. Just hoping for some replay value 'cause a game like that could end up being very short. Media Molecule's creative, though. I'm sure they'll work on figuring something out.

sikbeta1899d ago


I hope not, they need to top Infamous2 which is awesome, hope is a Next-Gen project :)

inveni01899d ago

I would love to see an inFamous followup that is on the next gen PlayStation.

TimmyShire1899d ago

Why have you waited so long to play inFamous!?! :P

T'is really good.

KangarooSam1899d ago

I bought a 360 instead because I really wanted to play the whole Mass Effect trilogy and Halo. Then I bought a 3DS to help my Mario and Zelda cravings. Then finally got a PS3 cause I've been wanting one for 6 years and I have a Vita and Plus so how could I not? ;P

XB1_PS41899d ago

Oh my jesus, let it be a vita title. It needs to be blessed with some sucker punch.

andibandit1899d ago

No thanks, please let it be a ps3 title

a08andan1899d ago

@andibandit: Why not a ps3 AND Vita-title? :D Cross-buy enable :)

SAE1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Advice you to play all ps3 exclusives such as Heavy rain/God of war/Uncharted/LBP/Demon soul/Gt5..ETC

You will enjoy different type of amazing games , as you see with nFAMOUS , it doesn't make you feel like you are playing a super hero game , it have it's own feeling ^^ , same with the other exclusives ...

GrandTheftZamboni1899d ago

Ratchet and Clank, Ratchet and Clank!

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Dailynch1899d ago

It will be great to see what it's working on. They're a talented studio that could do with creating a hit bigger than inFamous. Its good, but there's scope for them to grow.

TimmyShire1899d ago

An inFamous Vita game would be amazing, I think.

Kennytaur1899d ago

I'd rather have a new IP by them on the vita.

iamnsuperman1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I really do not want it to be Infamous 3 only because of the way infamous 2 ended. I would love to play another infamous game (as I loved Infamous 1 and 2) but I think they need to leave that series with its perfect ending. I would like to see what else they could do.

Minato-Namikaze1899d ago

Both endings leave openings for a sequel though.

DarkHeroZX1899d ago

@ Minato

All the conduits including Cole died in the good ending, what kind of sequel can possibly be made from the good side? On the evil side after becoming the new beast, Cole and all the other conduits started wiping out an already dying human population. To be honest I'd do like prequels and let 2 be close to the series.

sway_z1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I hope Sucker Punch are working on a completely new IP....

I guess I'm one of those who didn't see what all the fuss was about with Infamous.

I really would like a Jack the Ripper game set in a very cold and foggy Victorian London (where else!!) or a 3rd person Spy/Espionage thriller to rival those very disappointing Bond games I keep buying!


A Zombie/Apocalypse (Proper Horror/Survival please) no gimmicks, just outright fear with human emotion and relationships....gritty like 'The Walking Dead' TV series..I like the current Walking dead game, but i'm not a fan of Cel shaded games...Sony probably won't since we already have 'The Last of Us' on the way.

and for both PS3/Vita ...don't gimp!

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