PS4 & Wii U will be my System Purchases for Next Generation, Xbox 720 is out

By Furious Francis, editor-in-chief

With the Wii U being the first of the big three to release their next generation system, Nintendo has set a new standard for system versatility. Off TV Play with the Gamepad, Wiimote & Nun-chuck, and the Wii U Pro controller, the Wii U offers a bevy of ways to play your games. That type of versatility is exactly what I want out of a Nintendo system. MiiVerse is also one of the coolest applications to unite gaming communities ever, and is getting tons of love from around the internet. Sony has proven they deserve my money by releasing more quality games, free online play, and a premium service that’s actually worth my money. Microsoft on the other hand, has charged me for online multiplayer, released a firestorm of Kinect games, destroyed Rare, and melted three Xbox 360′s I’ve owned. It’s clear what systems I will be purchasing for the next generation of gaming: Wii U (which I already did) & the PS4.

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Venox20081992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I actually regretted buying X360, howether there were some great games on it.. I liked all Gears, Katamari and some multiplat titles like Bayonetta, Vanquish, Shadows of the damned and some others.. next gen for me PC, PS4, Wii U, 3DS and maybe Vita

pangitkqb1992d ago

Next Gen for me: PS4, Xbox 720, new Graphics card for my gaming PC. Already have 3DS. Maybe a Vita if the price is dropped and a decent-sized memory card is included and a bigger library.

superterabyte1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

@pangitkqb So you're buying everything basically. Well it's nice for some. I'm definitely buying the next Sony console. Basically the reason for this is games. I have played all of the top ps3 exclusives and loved them all(except for resistance haven't played it yet). However I can't say the same for Nintendo or Microsoft. Cant stand Microsoft exclusives for me they are to 'Bro-ish' and I don't particularly enjoy nintendo's first party games either.

Also PlayStation plus is for me the best deal in gaming ever.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31992d ago

If I was to go by what happened with the PS3, I'll be waiting a few years before I buy a new console from Sony. But if they can kick out games sooner at launch then I have no problem getting one sooner...if the price is right. I havent forgot buying a PS3 at launch only to be playing Resistance and a few atrocious multiplats :/

Army_of_Darkness1992d ago

Have not been disappointed with Sony yet compared to the competition... plus, I can only afford one new console.

nukeitall1992d ago

I'm gonna wait until I know more before I decide on what to get first.

I tend to get all of them eventually, but I now have less time than I used too. :(

Kurt Russell1991d ago

I'm going to get a Ouya and maybe an xbox.

SolidStoner1991d ago

Well I buy anything that runs Gran Turismo! :)

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fermcr1992d ago

For me it's PC for sure ... and undecided between PS4 and X720, or maybe get both.

WiiU probably not.
3DS and Vita probably not. I've already passed that fade of portable gaming consoles. Have little interest in them.

DaReapa1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I'm rocking the same boat. I got a gaming pc late last year so I just have to update the gfx card. As far as consoles go, i'll be playing the wait-and-see-what-interests-me -the-most game, as I hold no brand loyalty. But if it turns out anything like this gen did, it'll be PS again - considering that gaming doesn't become any more casual than it has gotten.

WiiUsauce1992d ago

I'm just sick and tired of paying for XBOX live. the only reason why I'm hanging on to my 360 right now is because Halo is the only FPS multiplayer I thoroughly enjoy and am quite good at.

xflo3601991d ago

I already have a wii u, ill be buying both a ps4 and 720 day one. Im a gamer. end of.

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joeyisback1992d ago

my next gen system will be WII U PS4

ApolloTheBoss1992d ago

Definitely getting PS4 next gen. I'm done with Microsoft.

Cam9771992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I'm going with PS4 too. Despite a few hiccups (namely the Spring 2011 situation and SCEE's incompetence), my gaming experience with the PS3 has been nothing but a pleasure! It plays Blu-rays, DVDs and games with minimal space required! It has been fantastic using my PS3 over the last few years.

In addition, Playstation Plus - need I say more?

Eyeco1992d ago

I Can honestly see Microsoft going for a more casual approach next gen having Kinect 2.0 as a pack in, especially seeing as the WiiU kinda alienates the casual crowd, Microsoft pretty much has every reason to target the casual crowd. I'm not calling anything yet I could be wrong but given Microsoft's focus in recent years it's a high probability.

doogiebear1992d ago

Sony and PC: The havens for the hardcore

Reverent1992d ago

donbear,I dunno who's disagreeing with you but I totally agree. Can't wait for The Last of Us and DayZ standalone!

DEEBO1992d ago

My choice of systems are all three.why cut yourself short gaming.i know not everyone can afford all three but if you can go for it.when i was a kid i wanted every console that hit the market,but try telling your mother this 600$ neo geo is the next big thing will get you the look of death.but now that i'm an adult all i have to do is talk it over with the wife(like she can really stop me lol) but anyway i haven't miss owning all the console's since psx and i don't plan to started now.what really need to do is build me a gaming pc,not going to lie to do matter! from a 2600 from the 80's to 360 this generation,graphics are the first thing a gamer notice about a new console.accept the wii.that lil wii remote did what nintendo does best.bringing in new gamers old,young and new.

neogeo1992d ago

You say something about neogeo?

yippiechicken1992d ago

Yeah, he said his mom didn't like you.

yesmynameissumo1992d ago

Microsoft is going to have to bring the thunder in order for me to throw money at their console. Otherwise, knowing I have to be a Gold member to play online or...well, do anything, makes that the last console of choice. Between the Vita, Wii U and PS4/Orbis...I think I'll be good.