PSW: Unreal Tournament III Review

PSW via CVG writes: Really, it's about bloody time. After the release of Unreal Tournament III being up in the air for so long towards the back end of 2007, it's great to finally get our slice of the Flak Cannon-shooting, face-smashing deathmatch action on PS3. UTIII isn't just a pretty face, but a brilliant port of one of the best multiplayer shooters ever on PC.

How does the PC shooter handle on the Sixaxis? Brilliantly, we're pleased to say.

Unreal Tournament - one of the best multiplayer games around - in its biggest, prettiest and most chaotic form ever. It blows Resistance out of the water.

Crucially UTIII still plays brilliantly, it's the game to showcase the PS3's graphical power, has the most insane number of maps, vehicles and weapons, and is just good, manic fun. Buy it.

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AngryHippo3684d ago

....someone tell me, how many maps does this Unreal Tournament have? heard its 40? but then if im right you can download new moded maps onto your PC and transfer them across?is this right? In that case this game will last for bloody ages. Great stuff.

crematory3684d ago

i wann buy this game but i am afradi of friend he import us version..its lag like hell i dont know about europe version