Kotaku: Too Human Hands-on Impressions

Kotaku writes: Silicon Knights' Too Human may be one of the most ambitious console games currently in development, a series that has been planned from the get-go to span three full releases, layering Norse mythology on top of a science fiction setting taking place thousands of years in the past. This is epic, universe establishing stuff. What other game kicks off with a Friedrich Nietzsche quote or has the gall to use the mythic tree Yggdrasil as a conduit to Cyberspace?

Graphically, Too Human shows that it has the potential to output some fantastic visuals. The game runs in native 720p with four passes of anti-aliasing helping to create a very polished image. It's got all the candies-lovely textures, normal maps, brilliant lighting and expansive environments.

Unfortunately, that level of detail often comes with a price, as whatever in-house engine is now powering the game sometimes chugged under the pressure. These moments of frame rate sluggishness were most prevalent in one of the game's cut scenes, something in which Too Human is not lacking.

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Genki3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Where were these guys when Xenogears came out...on the PSONE for goodness sake?

Not to discredit Too Human, but rather these idiots at Kotaku...sure it's cool and all, but quit sensationalizing something as if it's never been done before.

Good preview otherwise...lengthy and in-depth, but that part really grinds my gears for some reason.

MK_Red3775d ago

Good call :)
Kotaku and all other sites have been huge critics of Too Human for a long time and now that the game has seriously improved and showed its true potential, they are just desperate to praise and in doing so, they forget about a lot of things.
Xenogears was indeed a legendary game.

kira9893774d ago

*cough cough* Valkrie Profile *cough cough*

poos33775d ago

kotaku is THENO1 ANTI 360 SITE they dont wna give too human a chance they dont want to praise a 360 exclusive to much as they know their readers mostly sony ps3 owners

Genki3775d ago

I've heard legions of fanatics preach this same nonsense about Kotaku in regards to the 360, PS3, and the Wii.

Let me clue you and fanboys of all sides in on a little something:

THE MEDIA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. They go where the money is, where the popularity is, etc and so forth.

Expect them to bash whatever game or console when the opportunity presents itself in a beneficial manner.

It amazes me how appalled people are by this crap after two years into this gen of consoles.

kwicksandz3775d ago

Kotaku makes fanboys of both sides angry and that means they cant be that biased imo

titntin3775d ago

Seems like Silicon Knight's made a mistake ditching the unreal engine... but I guess we'll see in the final product.

I've got a feeling this game is gonna be a bit too pretentious for me, but I am attracted to this style of game, so I'm hoping for the best!! :)

Silellak3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

"What other game kicks off with a Friedrich Nietzsche quote?"

Baldur's Gate.

Oh...wait. That was a rhetorical question :(

Twenty bucks says it's even the same damn over-used quote.

Silellak3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

I like the disagree. I enjoy when people disagree with facts. It makes me happy inside.

You do know that Baldur's Gate DID begin with a Nietzsche quote, right? I didn't MAKE THAT UP. It's *fact*.

In fact, with a little research I found that:

"Nietzsche quotation, "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he doesn't become one himself," is shown in the beginning of a teaser trailer for the game."

Wow! The same one used at the beginning of Baldur's Gate! Take that, whoever clicked "disagree"! I showed you how wrong you were on the internet! Which is SERIOUS BUSINESS.