LEGO Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstarturk: Were little toys, Legos Grand Theft Auto V is the first video of the invasion. When you follow the video you will see that the whole thing is a serious real and original in the middle of labor is progressing. In fact, as the size machinima video shows the festival's famous YouTube channel. If you like this video here You can vote by clicking on. Without further ado video with blocks scored a very successful " thefourmonkeys "GTA V made ​​his watch.

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nrvalleytime1931d ago

Good lord, this must have required an incredible amount of time to film. Well done.

poo3429472947921931d ago

lego city undercover for wii u seems like a gta lego game

Oldman1001930d ago

Haha that's what I thought the article was about at first.

barb_wire1931d ago

That's amazing actually.. wonder how many weeks or months it took to animate all of that?

MariaHelFutura1931d ago

The Lego games are some of my favorite games this generation. They are genuinely FUN, which is rare these days in gaming... not to mention highly addictive and have lots of replay value. So needless to say, I want other games to be made in Lego versions of the games. GTA would fit very very well in the Lego universe.

SilentNegotiator1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Why do you caps the word "fun" and act like most games don't contain it?

MariaHelFutura1931d ago

Because most games these days aren't **FUN**, they're borderline sadistic and have a very serious tone to them. I personally like a mix of both, which is why I liked GTA:SA so much.