Sony plays up PS3 Blu-ray - Company responds to death of HD DVD format

GamesIndustry reports that Sony has responded to news of its victory over Toshiba in the next-generation DVD battle by pointing to Blu-ray as "one more reason" for people to buy a PlayStation 3.

The comment, made by Sony Computer Entertainment America president and CEO Jack Tretton, also pointed to 2008 as being key to the platform's evolution.

"The emergence of Blu-ray as the de facto high-def standard is one more reason why PS3 is a great value to consumers. The combination of strong sales, Blu-ray dominance and widely-anticipated games all point to 2008 as a breakthrough year for PS3."

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THC CELL3776d ago

But Microsoft isn't admitting defeat, and Studios' corporate VP Shane Kim hinted recently that there was more to come from his company's machine that hadn't yet been announced.

Yes right funeral arrangements for the x box life
Sony is here to stay and well whatever m$ pulls now do u really think people will listen after the failed HD DVD & Halo 3 Cough

how many of u feel ripped off now that u cant get rid of ya HD DVD players etc

Genuine3776d ago

lol, probably about as ripped off as ps3 owners did when they thought they were buying a game console.

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Genuine3776d ago

I wonder if they mentioned the hundreds of millions of dollars they spent paying for blu-ray exclusivity.

THC CELL3776d ago

I dont think so

Cough what about Microsoft paying off Gta DLC
Bla bla bla

Expect more exclusive for ps3 Including games

Genuine3776d ago

Lol, that's not called "paying off" braintrust. That's called buying content. It's how the industry works. With ps3 in dead last, they had better get used to that portion of business.

Sony paid these studio's to go blu-ray exclusive. Everyone including Sony know this. You little sony underlings are the only ones who are too embarassingly naive to see it.

MURKERR3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

your going to be another one of them trolls that disappear in a couple months time,at the rate the ps3 is murking 360 at the moment,you'll be to embarrassed to troll articles because you know the ps3 owners will own and tease poor little you!


Genuine3776d ago

Lol, no amount of sony toadies drooling sony PR can change the fact that the 360 is the best game console to own!!

PopEmUp3776d ago

You should change your name to stupendous
back to topic> "more to come from his company's machine that hadn't yet been announced" it like more defective rate coming then that sound awesome

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LastDance3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Genuine im afraid i can only assume your a child or joking.

Its CLEAR who paid who off. and you love your xbox right? created by the king off pay offs. microsoft. sheesh.

blacsheep3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

that buy a ps3 as a bluray player the better!

how many consumers bought a ps2 as their main dvd player then in the end couldnt resist buying a game here and there is mind boggling,ps2 brought dvd to the mainstream and ps3 looks very likely to do this with bluray

to all the fanboys that knock ps3 as a bluray player you really dont get the game sony are playing which has proved to be very shrewd in the past with ps2!

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