Need For Speed Movie Detailed writes: "Details about the upcoming Need For Speed movie have surfaced. Dreamworks Studios, in association with the Banditio Brothers, is currently working with Disney to start the production on this video game adaptation. Filming will begin February 25, 2013 and wrap on June 3rd 2013. All Filming will take place in Atlanta, GA."

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KangarooSam1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

"Sources say it will be extremely similar to the Fast and Furious franchise" lol
Just an assumption. :P

However that is AWESOME that Jesse from Breaking Bad will be in it :D I wonder if he'll smoke meth while racing haha

KangarooSam1994d ago

Need for SPEED, get it? ;P


Movie better be like gone in 60 seconds

gamern4g1994d ago

It must be something new and fantastic!

2pacalypsenow1993d ago

I think i saw the Need for speed movie Back in 2001

TheGrimBunny1993d ago

This would either be sick or suck bad... I hope it is good.