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Luke Frazier writes: "Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was supposed to be my perfect game, yet I knew nearly nothing about it. The beautiful offspring between beloved Studio Ghibli of [insert every Ghibli production here] fame in the feature film world and proven Japanese game developer Level-5, I didn’t need extra information or exposure. With those attractive origins, anything else would be ancillary at best. It goes without saying that Ni no Kuni has long held the honorable position of my most anticipated game of 2013.

And after playing through the just-released PlayStation 3 demo, it’s a pity that’s no longer the case."

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Kamikaze1352024d ago

I hate to say this, but I agree with this article. I was pretty hyped for this game, but after playing the demo....I no longer even want it. The camera sucks, it doesn't look as crisp as I thought it would, and the battle system wasn't nearly as fun as I had anticipated.

Godchild10202024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I am pretty hyped about this game and after playing the demo, I got an insight about the gameplay and the combat system. I'm looking forward to this game even more.

I didn't have a problem with the camera; It works and you have control over it with the Right analog stick. It's not the fastest, but it works. For the type of art style, I think it looks great.

I wish they started the demo from the beginning and not from some random part of the game. I need to play the game again though. I first played it on a SDTV.

Edit: The translation in the game could be better. Ouer/Youer, I know they are meant to our and your, but still. I remember that from Feary: Legends of Avalon.

Kamikaze1352024d ago

Well I'm glad that you enjoyed the demo. It's not a bad game, it just doesn't appeal to me nearly as much as I thought it would, which is disappointing.

NewMonday2024d ago

classic turn based JRPG, at least with this game anyone can try it for themselves and not depend on 3rd party opinion

kingdavid2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

He says youer and ourer because of his accent.. It's deliberate. Theres other deliberate spelling mistakes in there too.

I enjoyed the demo and Ill get it. I dont know why people dont like the battle system what were those disappointed actually expecting?

Imo its a great mix between turn based and real time. The fact you can move your character around during the battle makes it even better.

knifefight2024d ago

Re: 'He says youer and ourer because of his accent.. It's deliberate. Theres other deliberate spelling mistakes in there too. "

Yep. It was the same way in the Japanese version. That character spoke with a distinct and constant "Kansai-ben" accent.

In the English version, it's Welsh (so I'm told).

SaiyanFury2023d ago

Pardon my own two cents, as I've only spent about 5-10 minutes with the demo (fighting the Forest Guardian). I LOVED it. I love the pseudo turn based battle system. The graphics are boss as I would expect from the influence from STUDIO GHIBLI. Camera controls work just fine. The demo does exactly what a demo should; whet your appetite for the full game, and the demo (from my short 10 minute stint) does that for me. I WILL be getting this game. Such a small amount of great JRPGs coming out this generation compared to previous gens, it's nice to have another one to look forward too. :)

joab7772023d ago

It made me more excited. I cannot wait to play this. I guess i understand his complaints if he was hoping for something new and groundbreaking. I like it how it is and the demo seems to hint towards depth in combat. We will hav to wait and see.

AsimLeonheart2023d ago

Looks like the author of the article has been proven wrong unanimously. LOL. Everybody loves this demo and we need more games like these. Artistic beauty like this game has all but vanished from modern mainstream games. I am really looking forward to getting this game next month.

Army_of_Darkness2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

As soon as I started the demo I walked straight to the boss fight! So I was like Wtf?! Is this suppose to happen?! Lol! But after a couple minutes of running in circles I caught on to the battle system and whooped that guardians ass! Fun game I can't wait to buy it! Oh and the world map was awesome!

ThanatosDMC2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I liked it better than FF13... nuff said.

thorstein2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I was wondering about this "review." There is a demo available but Ni No Kuni doesn't release until next year.

Thanks for those of you that posted, I honestly don't want the demo because I KNOW I will not want to stop playing!

(See Itani's comment below!)

MaxXAttaxX2023d ago

I'm hyped even more after playing the demo.
Unique, yet still a proper JRPG. This is the type of game that's been missing this gen.

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itani2024d ago

I played the demo and found the battle system really addicting too bad the demo had a timer :(

Aceman182023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

i know at first i didnt know what i was doing, and i kept dying lol. once i realized you could move around it opened up everything.

i have to be quick with your decisions, and i love that you can switch out your creatures during battles.

personally i was getting extremely tired of realistic rpgs they were getting boring fast at least this brings back whimsical charm that's been missing from games this generation.

the game looks ABSOLUTELY beautiful, and has all the beauty and charm that the old rps from snes, ps1 days. this is a day one purchase easily.

this can easily be my favorite, or 2nd favorite game this generation behind valkyria chronicles.

one last thing i have to say at 39 i literally had tears in my eyes while playing this awesome demo lol.

so i 200% disagree with this authors opinion.

Oh_Yeah2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Damn...just finished the demo.. I haven't liked a turn based rpg since I was young because the gameplay hasn't changed much the genre just got stale, but this right here? This is awesome. It's like a mix between pokemon and final fantasy but better. I wouldnt exactly call it turn based though because you and your opponent don't just stand there waiting for your turn to attack. you actually have to move, be quick, and use tactics if you don't want to be pummeled. Props to level 5 for making a great game in what has become a lack luster genre. I hope this inspires other devs in the genre to step up their gameplay.

Nexgensensation2023d ago

this demo is amazing! this is game is a dream come true unlike PSASBR. it's like playing pokemon like the actual tv series. this is the game that I've waiting for.

doogiebear2023d ago

I'd rather wait for Persona 5. The demo BLOWS!

TheHater2023d ago

I had the complete opposite reaction when I played this. I enjoy this demo more than any JRPG release so far this generation. With this and Tales Of, next year is looking good for my JRPG fix.

MazzingerZ2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I recall som demos being a completely turn off and the game turning all the opposite, Blue Dragon was a nice JRPG, Folklore's demo another example, the sixaxis controlls were broken in the demo...I wanted to play the game anyway and it was an awesome game, typical Playstation game, the sixaxis were fixed as well.

RPGs are always difficult to "sell" via en demo, too short for such a large asking someone to play a 120 hours FPS campaign...even headshots get old after 60 hours into a campaign :P

showtimefolks2023d ago

i had high hopes for this game, can't wait to play the demo and decide for myself.

darkziosj2023d ago

most of people didn't like it because there were not enough explotions to make them happy.

RBLAZE19882023d ago

Wow I can't remember a demo that made me so exited for a game...or genre for that matter. It's very well done and smooth as butter for the most part. This is a jrpg through and through and anyone who had missed the magic of jrpgs for the past decade should try the demo. And make this judgment for themselves. The production value and gameplay are so compelling that I am sure I will buy this when it comes out.

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Miguelitons2024d ago

I haven't played the demo yet, will do this later, but have played the game at Gamescom in Cologne this year and also was disappointed by the game design, didn't like it much. I haven't ordered the game now, maybe it will change after playing the demo, have to see.

Blackcanary2024d ago

When you say game design do you mean art style cause you the art style is based and done by the studio ghibli artist if if you don't like there films then u won't like the game.

lashes2ashes2023d ago

I'm betting he is talking about game how the game is designed lol gameplay not art style.

AmayaAi2024d ago

I don't care. I still want to play it.

Ultr2023d ago

The game is awesome. I read this and the comments, and cant be that bad right? and am playing it right now...
WOW this game is amazing, I like everything. the art is beautiful and the fighting is excellent, dunno what they expected, because THIS IS WHAT I expected! and it is great!

AsheXII2024d ago

What? the demo was awesome!

belac092023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

its just another spoiled hipster gamer article, anyone who loves jrpg's will absolutely love this game, the open world is beautiful, the battle system is amazing, its just a stupid reviewer, dont pay any mind.

Norrison2023d ago

I second that, I really liked it, missed this kind of games.

catch2024d ago

I personally loved it. I'm even more excited for release. Feels like classic charming jrpg goodness. I had no trouble with the camera. The only slightly disappointing part was it wasn't quite sharp enough to do the animation justice but by the end of the demo I barely noticed.