Playstation 4's name change to kill an identity, will it still be PS4 after all?

The Playstation brand has been around for nearly two decades, but is Sony really considering killing off a hallmark for the gaming world in favor of an infantile, unknown identity?

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iamnsuperman1960d ago

I have no doubt they will call it PS4.....

Has no one seen the PS9 ad :P

Jinkies1960d ago

I hope it will be called the PS4 still, it's like the Playstations thing, they've always numbered them why change now...just because of a stupid superstition Japan has on the number 4....if thats the case change the name in Japan but call it the PS4 everywhere else.

Orbis is obviously the code name being used.

torchic1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

that superstition crap is the biggest load of bull I've ever heard.

if the Japanese were really that superstitious then they wouldn't have 4 o'clock, they wouldn't have the 4th of any month, nothing would be a square shape since squares have 4 sides...

didn't stop Apple calling the 4th generation iPhone the iPhone 4 and still outselling every other mobile device very comfortably, Japanese or otherwise.

blackmamba7071960d ago

I'm cool with 'Playstation Omni', sounds fresh

Thatguy-3101960d ago

Got use to calling it orbis.

MariaHelFutura1960d ago

I honestly could careless what they call it. I just want it.

Saigon1960d ago

I highly doubt they will be calling it PlayStation 4 and that is mainly do to the Japanese superstition with the number 4. Supposedly it is bad luck to them.

What this guy states in this article is asinine because he is reading too much into what the rumor stated. The rumor said it would not be called the PlayStation 4; It also did not state it would be called the PlayStation Omni, which in my opinion sounds more put together. I think the Omni will replace the 4 and when a newer system comes out in the future it will be called PlayStation Whatever. I think Sony is going into the core names similar to what they did with their other products (TVS, Electronics, etc) with the PlayStation brand.

Christopher1960d ago

I wonder how long some 'game journalists' take to come up with titles that will generate more hits.

Instead of just titling it "Analyst Say Unlikely to See Sony Do Away with PlayStation Brand Next Generation" they instead have to make it look like it was something that was going to happen in the first place.

All of that to essentially get a quote from Pachter saying what we all think, it's not likely, and that he doesn't know what they are doing. You know, common sense stuff.

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jujubee881960d ago

Playstation Omni is prolly just code name. Much like NGP was for PS VITA.

KangarooSam1960d ago

It's being called "Project Orbis" so rather Omni sounds like it'll be the final name. Which completely ruins the whole circle of life thing they were going for. I love my Vita but I hope to God changing the name from Orbis does not mean dropping Vita support.

KangarooSam1960d ago

I really hope Sony stays true to their roots and calls it PS4. But considering we already have "Life" they're pretty much committed to calling it "Circle (of?)" now.

PS4isKing_821960d ago

I doubt sony will ever drop the ps name from its gaming division. its simply too iconic. While I do believe they will stop using numbers eventually, I think we will see ps4 as ps4 and nothing else. I just hope we finally get some official details of it next E3. I'm getting impatient for new consoles.

yesmynameissumo1960d ago

"PlayStation" is way more important than a number. As long as it's in the name, they're good.

iwin861960d ago

You're totally right. 4# is just a number. I prefer Playstation Orbis rather than Gamestation 4. ;)

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