10.0 Review: Far Cry 3 proves to be best shooter of the year

This is not just any vacation to a tropical because this game is filled with terror, this is full of madness, this is filled with insanity, and this is "Far Cry 3."

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Hasanhastam1995d ago

It really deserve i played 7 hour and rock island is really huge with amazing visuals

BananaEatingSquid1995d ago

I always hear about Vaas, and I'm really excited to see how awesome he really is... but what about Hoyt? Is he terrifying?

ab5olut10n1995d ago

He's a wicked huge asshole.

Kinger89381995d ago

Well deserved, i dont think im alone when i say i was suprised when i saw the first reviews, after farcry 2 left a sour taste in my mouth i hadnt followed this at all and that actually made it better! No idea what to expect and im really enjoying it

felidae1995d ago

best shooter ... maybe yes!

for me the best game overall is Zombi U ... everyone should play it. i've never played a game so intense since the first RE.