‘Handyman’ equals ‘Big Daddy’ in BioShock Infinite

Just hot off the presses, here’s the latest news from VGA 10 on BioShock Infinite. All along the trailers et al, I bet you wondered – ‘just where the hell is Big Daddy?’ or some equivalent of it!

Well – that exact question was answered today at VGA 10!

Watch the video at the site for the first look at ‘The Handyman’ – Their world’s ‘Big Daddy’.

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knocknock1996d ago

Not so much news as olds...

Sclavius1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Actually the Songbird is Infinites' Big Daddy, Elizibeth is his little sister of sorts. Songbird even has portholes that change from green to yellow to red like the Big Daddies. The difference is there's only one of him.

antz11041995d ago

I was going to say the songbird is more like a Big Sister.

dragon_rocks1995d ago

Were these guys living under a rock or were in some kind of stasis all this time? Handyman was pretty much the first enemy that was revealed almost a year back.

Veneno1995d ago

so Jack from Tekken is the Big Daddy in Bioshock Infinite?

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