Today in History: December 4th, 2001: Jak and Daxter Released on Playstation 2

Triverse writes, "Still, Naughty Dog created a franchise for Sony that is still going strong today (can you believe their first title was Way of the Warrior on 3DO- a title that apparently I was alone in liking). Jak and Daxter is available in 720P resolution on the Jak and Daxter Collection release for Playstation 3, avialable in digital or disc formats."

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KangarooSam1961d ago

One of my favorite PS2 games. Never forget.

triverse1961d ago

I loved this game. If I had a PS3, I would just get the HD remake with the other games.

KangarooSam1961d ago

Yeah I've been considering doing that. I personally find it hard going back to some games though, with aged HUDs and gameplay mechanics. But I feel like I could probably do it with this and Ratchet and Clank if I ever get around to it.

1960d ago
Cam9771960d ago

Never. I still need to buy this alongside the R&C HD trilogy.

Y_51501961d ago

I got the collection just recently. I'm loving this game! I want to see how the story turns out. :)

KingOptimusAscend1111960d ago

I wish they would bring the franchise back.

1960d ago
Riderz13371960d ago

Jak 3 was my first Jak game. I remember driving around in my car or whatever it was in the huge sand storm area. GOOD TIMES! I still haven't beat jak 3 because back then I was so shit at video games. I might actually buy the collection.

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