Ubisoft’s Next Gen Plans: An AAA Racing game, Massive’s Online RPG, Watch Dogs, Cloud

The next generation is fast approaching, so we’ve taken a look at what one of this gen’s biggest devs is planning. Here’s what we know about Ubisoft’s next gen games and products.

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Y_51501993d ago

I liked your comment before I even seen the picture. :P

dbjj120881993d ago

Same here. It's clearly for next-gen, shame they couldn't talk more about the multiplayer systems in the game.

showtimefolks1992d ago

watch dogs seems interesting, AAA racing? we have
NFS,Forza,GT,Midnight club,Burnout,Grid,And more games from codemasters

so another racing game will be good but they really have to make sure its up to par with others or it will fail

This late into this gen people are exited when they see new IP's, i was reading an article where the author asks a great question, if dishonored had come out earlier in the Gen when we had a lot of new IP's would gaming media still be all over it? it has flaws in story for sure.

i think right now any new Ip we see we get excited for since we have been getting so many sequels, so many the standard for new IP isn't as high as if it had come out earlier?

NukaCola1992d ago

Racing game.... RAYMAN!

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TrendyGamers1993d ago

Maybe they'll include Beyond Good and Evil 2?

knifefight1993d ago

Can't wait to install all those patches!

sithsylar1993d ago

I like to watch dogs watch dogs!

Campy da Camper1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

My watch dogs me! (It doesn't work anymore)

TheMailman1992d ago

Dogs watch me all the time...

Starbucks_Fan1993d ago

I would love to see this racing game...

KangarooSam1993d ago

Said no one. Ever.

Ubisoft just doesn't do racing.

doctorstrange1993d ago

Clearly didn't read the post.

KangarooSam1993d ago

I read the post and I get that it's happening, I just don't expect it to be that great. Maybe I'll be wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.