Nintendo Announces WiiWare Launching May 12 in North America, Wii Fit May 19

Nintendo's finally pinned a solid release date on WiiWare and Wii Fit. Nintendo's original, downloadable games service will be launching on May 12 in North America, just a couple short months after the proposed Japanese launch (March). Following a week later will be the health-conscious Wii Fit bundled with Wii Balance Board on May 19.

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Monteblanco3778d ago

Finally, it took a long time to get this ready. Hopefully it will be worth of waiting for.

Eretik3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Next year? Is it enough time for youu, Nintendo, to translate and prepare Wii Fit to sell in so demanding region as Europe?

Zhik3778d ago

if u used your brain you would know that nintendo europe are launching Mario Kart and Wii fit in europe before the states. They aren't fuking europe up anymore (and Brawl is only set 3 months after USA - heck even metroid prime 2 had a longer delay) So stop whinning...

wiizy3778d ago

wow all the way to may 9th for wii fit.