COD 4 - New Maps Revealed? has posted some interesting images which are rumoured to be the in-game multiplayer start-up loading screens for three brand new downloadable maps for Infinity Wards smash hit Call of Duty 4. Still no word as yet though on any release date for this first batch of much awaited DLC. Sadly no sign of a map to take advantage of those night-vision goggles fully either.

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radzy3833d ago


Fishy Fingers3833d ago

I cant wait to get a few new maps, hopefully we dont have to wait long as i think i might be bored of CoD4 if they dont drop soon.

With regards to the images, they're all from single player but i thought they said they were NOT using areas from the campaign, but who knows.

I like the look of the first, i like nice tight indoor levels, provides less places for camping snipers (not that they're a bad thing, its in the game so its fine, but its just not my thing), silenced P90 and im good to go!

Lifendz3833d ago

but didn't Infinity Ward say that they already had modes and maps ready to go when COD4 was in development? I was of the understanding that the unpopular stages and modes would be replaced with new ones. Point being, what's with the delay if these were already in place way back when the game dropped?

Either way, I can't wait. I play COD4 on a regular basis so some new stages will be welcome.

BLUR1113833d ago

wow! i cant wait. they look awesome for multiplayer maps.

ravinash3833d ago

It would be a little rude if they expect you to pay for a rehashed map from the single player mode.
I can understand charging for a new map, but if its just maps from the single player game, I would feel a little cheated.....I'd still play it, but still feel cheated.

SlappyMcTaint3833d ago

I would love to have a bunch of areas from the single player turned into multiplayer maps. I would also like to see the 2nd map-pack be all new maps, with maybe a couple quick single player missions added along with them.

SafeRat3833d ago

Or does that first image 'Broadcast' remind you of PlayStation Home?

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The story is too old to be commented.