Square Enix shares Jump Festa 2013 lineup

Square Enix shares their lineup for Jump Festa 2013, including Lightning Returns and KH 1.5 HD.

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DragonKnight1968d ago

Who the @#$% cares about Lightning Returns. SE have their priorities so wrong it's sickening. SHOW VERSUS XIII FOOTAGE NOW YOU @#$% PIECE OF @#$%^#@$%@%$# IN A [email protected]#$%$#%@#$^[email protected]@#$

Sorry.. Just really sick of Lightning.

sithsylar1967d ago

I think its too late to apologise........ "Sorry"

DragonKnight1967d ago

My reaction to seeing Lightning Returns instead of Versus AGAIN...

jakerocheleau1967d ago

Honestly could not agree more...

League_of_Draven1968d ago

No FFvs13 so I couldn't care less about what they're showing.

Omnislash1968d ago

Do they even care about the fans anymore?
Nobody asked for 2 more FF13's. These guys are lazy devs.

PS1 era
PS2 era
FFX, FFXI, FF12, FF Dirge of Cerberus
PS3 era
FF13, FF13-2, FF13 LR, FF14

Why couldnt it be FF13,14,15,vs??
They just love cutting corners now... smh...

sithsylar1968d ago

IMHO FFX was the last great game from square..... Never really been the same after enix joined.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1967d ago

why did u not list

AND Theres X-2 in the PS2 era. I think the point ur trying to make is SE usually releases 3 main numbered final fantasy titles each gen and multiple spin offs.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1967d ago

Cant wait to play KH1.5 remix and Lightning returns. Hopefully VersusXIII will up show with news sometime after Lighting returns. But, thats a big stretch sadly.

sithsylar1967d ago

I second the motion i also can't wait to play FFXHD whenever the hell that is coming out...

Chard1967d ago

I haven't heard a thing about FFX HD since TGS 2011

KrisButtar1967d ago

cant wait for lightning returns!

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