GDC: Age Of Conan "ideal for 360", on console 12 months after PC

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures game director Gaute Godager said that he believes that the MMO's unique and controversial combat system, which has been scathed by some critics, will be ideal for the conversion of the game to a 360 format.

Speaking at GDC yesterday, he also said that the 360 version is likely to appear 12 months after the PC game.

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Genuine3684d ago

D*mn! I was really hoping to have Age of Conan this year on 360.

AngryHippo3684d ago

....looks like a 2009 title then for the 360. I was hoping to be playing this this year. Its an MMO i am seriously looking forward too and looks really promising.

Genuine3684d ago

Same here. I have yet to try a real MMORPG. This is going to be my first one.

LaChance3684d ago

anyways you're used to it right ?

wowsauce3684d ago

This would definately be worth it if they release new content with it. The thing I'd be most worried about is the game getting canned before it gets to the 360. The mmo market is a cruel mistress if you don't get a large player base that sticks with the game for a while.

Lets cross our fingers. Of course, I haven't heard any huge problems with porting from PC to 360 (if it can run on the 360's specs in the first place), so maybe that's an "at the latest" date.

sabbath4203684d ago

That was a classic set up. gaysniper "waiting" LaChance "anyways you're used to it right ?" Like it.

DarkSniper3683d ago

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Iron Man 23683d ago

Comment has been reported as offensive,you Xbox fanboys are so immature,at least we Playstation fans are smart and mature,please report his comment as offensive people!

InYourMom3683d ago

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You both are acting like you are in grade school, wait you probably really are.

Maybe I will report both of you for abusing the report system. Waah!

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