Devil May Cry 4 sells 2 million

Gamespot Writes:

When Capcom announced Devil May Cry 4 was going multiplatform last year, PlayStation loyalists decried the move as a betrayal. Since its launch in 2001 with the original Devil May Cry, the franchise had only appeared on the PlayStation 2 with the fourth installment originally announced as a PS3 exclusive.

However, the Japanese's publisher's decision to release its demon-slaying game on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has paid off. Today, Capcom announced that since its release in the US and Europe earlier this month and in Japan in January, Devil May Cry 4 has sold over 2 million units worldwide.

DMC4's rapid success makes the game the fastest-selling installment in the seven-year-old series. It also accounts for just under a quarter of the entire franchise's total of 9 million units in sales, according to Capcom. The well-reviewed game's haul is also poised to increase later this year, when DMC4 is released on the PC.

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Hapimeses3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Erk! 2 million already! Really? Wow! That's pretty impressive, and certainly does justify the multi-platform choice for the game, assuming the sales-split broadly follows the same pattern the oh-so-reliable VGChartz suggests (at the time of writing: PS3 -- 0.61 million; 360 -- 0.46 million).

Whatever the case, I've got the game, and I'm enjoying it; however, I feel it is a little over-rated. Perhaps I'll change my mind when I get further into the game, we'll see.

KidMakeshift3685d ago

I was just about to say.

I thought it was all right. DMC1 still rules imo.

Hapimeses3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I agree; DMC1 was my favourite. DMC3 was fine, and DMC2 is best forgotten (although it had its moments), but DMC1 was the best. Sure, DMC4 is prettier, but it very much feels like more of the same, rather than an update of the game for the next generation.

Actually, on that, I'm still a little surprised that it has reviewed so well in some quarters. Take Ratchet and Clank, for example: it brought it's tried-and-tested formula to PS3 and added some nice extras, but was slammed by some for being too unoriginal and unambitious. DMC4 suffers from this problem far more (in my view; you may disagree), but does not seem to have suffered for it at all.

Bias? Love of DMC's more adult themes? Something else?

Who can be sure?

KidMakeshift3685d ago

I read somewhere that DMC2 wasn't a DMC game at all. it was some other project that they turned into DMC2. Maybe that's why it was so lackluster.

DMC3 was cool except I hated the younger Dante. Those cutscenes were ridiculous

The things I don't like about DMC4 lack of enemy variety ( there was like 9 different kinds of enemies and the Jester's are just old and boring), the levels were just flat and lacked excitement (the castle segment was really boring), the tedious back tracking and trials of tribulation, and the bad devil arm platforming

KidMakeshift3685d ago

All I have to say is "Mass Effect"

That game got so many high scores and awards when it has nothing to show for it.

After that, I lost all interest in what reviewers have to say

Destructoid (which I don't care for because most of the stuff on there is trash and they have cynical punks contributors like Jim Sterling) is the most reasonable with their reviews I think. They gave Mass Effect a 7.0 and DMC4 7.5

Hapimeses3685d ago

Well, I've not played Mass Effect, so I can't really comment.

As for reviews, I kinda take them all with a pinch of salt, nowadays. I read them if I'm interested in the featured game, but I don't base my purchases on reviews alone. Normally, if a game interests me enough, I'll buy it regardless, unless the reviews are particularly poor. I read enough material online and off to be aware of what each game is about, so I make fairly educated choices.

Take Conan for example. Reviewed badly, and for good reasons, but I've still enjoyed playing it, and I've certainly played it enough to justify the money I spent on it. And if I'd simply followed the review crowd, I'd have never played Heavenly Sword. So, reviews are useful to provide opinions, but not lead my purchases. After all, the things one reviewer may like, I may hate, and /vice versa/.

mikeslemonade3685d ago

We do all benefit playing a good game because it comes to all systems, but DMC4 could have been a great game. Those who finished DMC4 will know what i'm talking about.


*Half of the game is backtracking
*You have to fight the bosses all three times each
*Graphics aren't that good
*Game is pretty shallow when it comes to the AI enemies
*Lack of different enemies and interesting enemies
*Nero is not as satisfying to play as Dante

The game in general reuses a ton of stuff and it makes it obvious that they had to dedicate stuff for 360, PS3, and PC. Now if it was PS3 exclusive this game would have been a great game. So thank you Microsoft, Xbox, and Capcom for ruining a franchise:)

KidMakeshift3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I liked Conan too. I wish they used pre-rendered cutscenes instead of in-game because the game is hideous up-close. I think a lot of people didn't understand that you couldn't button mash through it. Each enemy, especially the later ones, had specific weak points you can hit or break by using certain moves. The harder difficulty after you beat once is a lot of fun.

I will admit the game can be really cheap (button sequences can be painful), and the last boss was absolute bull

Heavenly Sword is great in many ways (great acting and cut scenes), yet feels unfinished (6 hrs long and for such a epic story and location feels very rushed through gameplay wise) with certain segments (arrow/canon shooting, Whiptail fight) feeling stretched out.

altimako023685d ago

have no idea where their #'s come from . there just guessing that ps3 sold more

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rogimusprime3685d ago

but I was still thinking it was a B!tch move by capcom to treat the PS3 like that when the fan base for the franchise was ALL sony. That's just business I guess, honor be dammed.

Anyone who has played the other DMC titles can admit the controls are better for the PS3. Its just the way it is. Many FPS's play better on the 360, but DMC is made for the Dual Shock. At the end of the Day, I'll buy this game for my PS3 since every time I turn on my 360, it's like playing roulette or craps as to when I'm going to be left with a brick.

It made things rougher for sony by having less exclusives to brag about.
Regardless of how heavenly sword or Lair performed, I think more consumers and developers would have invested in PS3 earlier if they knew this was an exclusive. It would have helped sell a lot more PS3's. Instead, CAPCOM decides to give us lost planet a year later. They can keep that garbage. It doesnt even have any lasting appeal for the 360.

Hapimeses3685d ago

Look, I can understand your sentiments, but as far as I'm concerned, as long as the version I buy is the best it possibly can be (and it is), I'm happy. I could care less what other systems get this game, or any other, but not much. All I really care about is what games reach the consoles I own; screw the rest of them.

So, with that in mind, Capcom have done a pretty fine job as far as I'm concerned. The game runs great on PS3, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

Who really cares if gamers on other consoles get to enjoy the game as well? Surely, if Capcom make more money because of the 360 release -- money that justifies the extra development costs -- and can thus afford to make more great games, this is a good thing? The sales, after all, justify their decision, as I said in my first post.

Maybe later, if a single console moves far into the lead, development for a single platform will be more cost-effective than deveopment for multiple-platforms, but that is not the case just now, so all I can do is applaud Capcom for making the correct decision. After all, all the people who claimed the 360 version wouldn't sell have been proven wrong; equally, however, all the people who claimed the 360 version would significantly outsell the PS3 version because of mythical attach rates and a greater install base have also been proven wrong.

Swings and roundabouts, really.

crck3685d ago

When Dead Rising 2 is announced. Because you know MS will be waving a check at Capcom to make it a 360 (timed at the very least) exclusive.

Hapimeses3685d ago

In the end, like any other developer, I'm sure Capcom will make the decision that allows them to make the most money and secure the highest sales, both now and in the future. Sure, Microsoft may pay for exclusivity to some degree, but that payment must justify the loss for not releasing their game on PS3; both a loss in immediate sales, and a loss in long-term sales as the PS3 user-base grows disenchanted with the company.

If Microsoft do offer enough money, or if the costs for solid PS3 development do not outweigh the revenue the title is likely to create, I certainly know what choice I'd make, and I'm a PS3 owner.

FirstknighT3685d ago

I don't know why people complain about losing exclusives. As long as your still able to play it....why should you care??? Losing it entirely is a different story but it just went multi. I still can't believe all the Sony owners that cried foul and started a petition to keep it exclusive.

With Dead Rising 2. All I care about is that I'm able to play it on the 360. I don't care if they make an Atari Jaguar version. As long as I get mine!

monkey6023685d ago

first time ever I agree with FirstKnight

KidMakeshift3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I hope Dead Rising 2 takes place in an amusement park. Could you imagine a Disney World gone horribly wrong like Itchy & Scratchy Land

Hopefully New Line, doesn't screw things up for Capcom


When a game goes multi, it's budget and original development gets all split up. I don't think multi. platform games reach their full potential and take full advantage of the system they're on. I have all the systems, so it doesn't matter who has the exclusive, just as long as the game gets the full treatment.

solidt123685d ago

KidMakeshift I agree. Dead Rising two at a park would be cool. I wanna ride on a roller coaster with zombies.

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Charlie26883685d ago

My DMC4 is on its way :)

I cant wait :D

poos33685d ago

dmc4 is a terrible game that brings nothing new to the genre its just a really really bad game thank god i did not buy it

shotputking3685d ago

this is what i don't understand: what did you expect them to introduce in this game?? you know, besides a new main character who uses a throw mechanic for the first time in the series, and a grappling-hook style puzzle solving tool... this is a SEQUEL. it wasn't titled "Devil May Cry: In a Completely New Direction".

CRIMS0N_W0LF3685d ago

DMC4 is the worse DMC ever made.

monkey6023685d ago

DMC2 is not only the worst DMC ever made but on of the worst games ever made full stop.

solidt123685d ago

So far I think DMC4 is the best.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3685d ago

DMC4 the best DMC? you're retarded.

Lack of different Devil Triggers. Lack of Weapons and Arms. Lack of boss variety. Lack of combos and move. More then 50% recyled content. Nero is missing everything good in DMC. You have to fight bosses 3 times. Lame graphics.

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