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Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon North American Box Art Revealed

Nintendo of America has released the final box art for the North American version of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.

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OneAboveAll1333d ago

Nice but eh... When can we get a Super Wario World? :p

Jinkies1333d ago

Think I'll wait to see if they port this to the Wii U...this game should of gotten a big retail release for the Wii U, it deserved it since the first Luigis Mansion was amazing.

Y_51501333d ago

It's a great box art to add to my collection! Why am I going to end up with 90 percent of my 3DS games being Mario titles? Anyways I love it!

colonel1791333d ago

No wonder why Luigi never gets attention. Even games with Luigi are being called Mario games.

Y_51501333d ago

You are right. I love Luigi but really it's Mario's universe.

BananaEatingSquid1333d ago

Poor Luigi, he needs some love too!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1333d ago

Cant wait for this and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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