Gaikai: Will Serve Ads, Have a Recommendation Engine, Put “Console-Quality Games on any Device”

Running a cloud service isn’t cheap – you need to have a ton of consoles all set up waiting for people to play them at any given time. Then you need to power them, have crazy fast internet and fight off hackers and bugs. Sony is set to face all of these problems when they launch their PlayStation cloud service, currently titled Gaikai. To help cover the costs, it looks like they’re going to include some ads.

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knifefight1961d ago

I look forward to playing Assassin's Creed IV on my toaster.

dbjj120881961d ago

And then when you leave you'll be able to play it on your shoe. Just take your shoe off on the train and hold it up to your head to connect. The space ship satellites will catch the Gaikai signal and beam it down through your lace antenas.

Mounce1960d ago

I look forward to recording your AC4 gameplay videos with my potato.

SuperShyGuy1961d ago

Apparently it's supposed to work in internet browsers.

How are they going to lockout Wii U and 720? Wait 3DS has a browser too!

FriedGoat1961d ago

the same way flash doesn't run on hardly any devices, Plugins.

Rivitur1961d ago

Well it runs fine on browsers as long as the internet is fast crysis 2 ran great on a crappy 2000 dell at my school.

Heartnet1961d ago

Question is would they want to lock out those devices :O

Moneyz on all consoleS!

harrisk9541960d ago

"How are they going to lockout Wii U and 720? Wait 3DS has a browser too!"

The same way that you can't use Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu plus, or any one of the other dozens of companies streaming services without having a subscription...

Christopher1960d ago

What does it matter if it runs on a competitor's device if you still have to pay Sony money to utilize it and the games?

MaxXAttaxX1960d ago

Might require some sort of software that will run on multiple devices except for Xbox and Nintendo.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

pc station 4?

This will be one of the biggest things sony ever attempted.
"Sony selling convertible bonds worth $1.9 billion to help fund Gaikai acquisition"

I already know the future will not depend on platform kinda like netflix. But how far away will that be?

Will there be cloud service fanboys?

Anyway psn 2 will be awsome I bet.

doogiebear1961d ago

Ads dont bother me if I know it helps sony cover the cost. Small potatoes when u can play ps1-ps4 on any devoce

sikbeta1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

In a perfect world, it'd be great to play legacy games on any device, think of PS1/PS2/PSP games on TV->Smartphone ->tablet ->PC while current games (PS3/ Next-gen PS4) being "exclusive" to the respective HW

ATi_Elite1960d ago

Looks at smart Refrigerator and grabs Texas Instruments calculator!

according to SOny they are NOW gaming devices!

ABizzel11960d ago


Read the fine print, it's at the bottom of the article, but you'll need a x200,000 zoom to see it.


showtimefolks1960d ago

this is a huge card for sony when it comes to ps4 so hopefully they will use it in a way where it benefits them and their fans

Jaybronee1960d ago

Answer me one the heck to you pronounce Gaikai?

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bunfighterii1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I don't care about ads- I just don't think my broadband ad home network works seamlessly enough for this model. Whether its the occasional errors with my wifi network or router solved by turning the router off/on or spotty service where broadband speeds are inexplicably slowed down by my ISP I can see this sort of thing becoming a frustration for me.

kingPoS1960d ago

I feel you on that, I've seen a 20mb connection crawl down to 3mb over at a friends place. Bad s**t happens!

Tru_Blu1960d ago

Same here, my connection can be great one night and a laggy mess the next. Until FIoS comes to my neck of the woods not sold on cloud gaming yet.

aquamala1961d ago

Consoles? Gaikai runs on remote servers.

rainslacker1961d ago

I lol'd at that. The particular point is true, though not technically accurate. It does cost money to run the cloud. How they recoup that money is pure speculation though. It can't be denied that MS makes quite a bit off their ads on Xbox, so Sony would definitely be looking at that in their own implementation.

aquamala1960d ago

This writer must think Gaikai has a network of PS3s waiting for people to log in to play lol, no they run on much more powerful servers

Pillsbury11961d ago

I'm still waiting for true remote play. Playing battlefield 4 on my vita? Please!

FriedGoat1961d ago

Where can I play this battlefield 4?

Pillsbury11961d ago

It's awesome you just need a time machine, you can get them cheap on eBay.

sikbeta1961d ago

Someone did it with L4D on Vita via PSMobile SDK

SAE1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Thats what sony promised us when they add remote controle in vita , im not gonna pay to use it in vita , it is a rip off if you have the game in ps3 and a vita , if they do it i will hack my vita without even thinking , online in vita is useless for me since i cant use my own account so no friends to chat or play with , i also cant see a online game in vita that worth playing , so hacking it will give me what i deserve ....

This service in vita will be more negative then positive for us that have the ps3/vita and the game , or at least for me , but i welcome it in other devices ( hardwares ) , especially in pc ^^

SAE1961d ago

Explain the disagree please , i wanna know whats wrong with my thinking , i just want the feature for free just what they promised us , they show us mgs 4 footage in vita then do nothing with it after it released , what made me hyped for vita is the remote , whats the use of the app then ?. just show off that it can do it ?.

air11961d ago

I agree.. I thought i would be able to play my ps3 games on my vita via remote too..

The fucking sad part is that i seen hackers play the games just fine so why the hell cant sony make it happen like they said they would. Sony half assed it again, what a shame..

Tired1960d ago

'hacking it will give me what i deserve...'

Geohot and Sony lawyers say hi.

Ck1x1961d ago

Sony may not be trying to lock out Microsoft or Nintendo at all. Maybe they are trying to create the equivalent of Netflix streaming for video-games as a subscription based service open to all platforms.

iamnsuperman1961d ago

That would essentially cut out the need for anyone to buy their console. I am not sure how they are going to lock it down but they need to to stop people not buying their next system. What would you buy and PS4 that can't play Xbox/Wii U games or a Wii U/Xbox that can pay PS4 games at a price.

rainslacker1961d ago

Because there is more money to be made off games than off hardware. It doesn't mean that Sony can't still offer a console though. Media capability integration seems to be the biggest trend in tech right now, and having a subscription based service to promote their brand could trump console sales in the long run.

joeorc1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

"That would essentially cut out the need for anyone to buy their console. I am not sure how they are going to lock it down but they need to to stop people not buying their next system. What would you buy and PS4 that can't play Xbox/Wii U games or a Wii U/Xbox that can pay PS4 games at a price."

Netflix does not offer every up to date seasons on TV shows for example, season 3 for the Walking Dead not even a single ep.

So imagine exclusives only being on Sony's Console, less worry about 3rd parties making an exclusive or not, 3RD party would be able to reach MORE SUBSCRIPTIONS BECAUSE ITS ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS ANYWAY and only have to worry about pitching to one publisher for their game!

While 1st party in house Sony developers Exclusives are only found on Playstation systems anyway. Sony's 1st party has full Exclusive Support for Promotion, while 3rd parties get the exposure for their Software on as many platforms as they can. Its a win win.

Panthers1960d ago

Look at Apple. Do you have to have an iMac to use iTunes? No. If Sony plays their cards right, they can allow this to work on any machine, and still sell consoles by make the experience more enjoyable on their own machine. Apple products all work very well together, as does their software. This could be the same for Sony.

iamnsuperman1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

@panthers the itunes example you gave is a bad analogy. Apple are forced to do that otherwise they wouldn't sell ipods or iphones (so Apple can make money on those products). Sony need to keep its exclusives on its own console otherwise what's the point of getting that console if I can play those same games on the next xbox (essentially getting out the console business and becoming a online service like onlive.)

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Liefx1961d ago

You mean like OnLive?

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