The Next LEGO Franchise

Gameplayer has taken a look through the Warner Bros. catalogue - who now own developer Traveller's Tales - to identify which franchises are likely to be turned into LEGO games.

"Our wishlist would be a mixture of LEGO Technics and Mindstorms that enabled you to create armed robots that you then battle online against other robots. You'd be limited to a set number of operations, so if you were agile, you couldn't pack heavy weapons, for example. And think of the download opportunities: new weapons, new A.I algorithms… it's a nerd's wet dream."

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P4KY B3799d ago

Many different story lines are also needed for all the levels.

Star Trek, X-men or Stargate.

Jdoki3799d ago

X-Men gets my vote!

Although a couple of ideas...



Metal Gear Solid

Actually what I'd really like to see is a LEGO RTS game done really well... The point of RTS' is often to build up forces... the point of LEGO is to build stuff... a perfect fit maybe!

avacadosnorkel3799d ago

The LEGO 360 always breaks like in real life.
The LEGO Wii pieces don't fit together.
The LEGO PS3 is the old reliable hero.

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