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TG writes: The Templars are at it again and a new assassin is needed.The Revolutionary War is your battlefield. Are you up to the task? Does the game live up to its hype?

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ftwrthtx1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Game of the Year worthy. Could Far Cry 3 contend with such a short time left in 2012?

Sev1965d ago

I have to agree. Tough call, since there are so many games on even playing ground. But ACIII was def one of my favs.

doctorstrange1965d ago

Journey III: The Dishonored Cry

dbjj120881965d ago

Guess that's why you're not a reviewer :P

Why if you don't mind my asking?

Simon_Brezhnev1965d ago

I didnt like Connor at all i tried but couldnt. Pacing was pretty bad. I did love the sea battles though. Game was pretty glitchy. Story felt too forced like they wanted you to feel for Connor/Haytham the same as Desmond/dad in a lot of ways.

Son_Lee1965d ago

I give it a 3. Game is very boring, story sucks, Connor is uninteresting, gameplay is glitchy, combat sucks, etc.

SP3333D-O1965d ago

Aside from some camera and control issues and a couple of infuriating missions, I really liked it. Great environments and character animations.

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