Game|Life Hands-on: Too Human Technically Awesome

Game|Life is still not entirely sure if Too Human is going to be a slam dunk, but after a demo at GDC one thing is clear: Silicon Knights' Xbox 360 title has some serious technical chops.

"Take a good look at this loading screen," said director Denis Dyack as he started up the game from the title screen. "It's the only time you'll see it during the demo." By the time he was finished with the sentence, the near-final version of Too Human was off and running, and not once did the audience see a load screen for the first thirty minutes of the game.

Even as it jumped from environment to environment. Silicon Knights are master storytellers above all, and their Too Human tech is there to serve this purpose. The first half hour of the game zips back and forth between gameplay and cut-scenes and expository flashbacks, each taking place in different, wide-open, detailed environments, and not one transition brought with it a halt in the pacing.

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Genki3775d ago

and if these gameplay details hold true, sounds like the game I've been waiting on for quite some time.

I loved Diablo, it's sequel and expansions...almost too much. Among the few complaints I had about the game was that melee combat wasn't very flashy, varied, or visceral. It was pretty much "hack, hack, hack, dead" and of course lather, rinse, repeat.

A God of War style combat system mixed in with a bit of Diablo sounds like the ideal game to me...maybe. I'm burnt out on level grinding and looting, so a compelling story and challenging A.I. is more along the lines of what I'm looking for these days.

FCOLitsjustagame3775d ago

I have really been looking forward to this game. I like the concept and hope the gameplay lives up to expectations.

That being said, this whole "no loading" screen has been said before and has yet to ever hold true. If nothing else those cutscenes they are seeing are probably load screens. Which means the cutscenes can't be skipped, which means they better not be annoying (like a few of the COD3 ones) or I will end up being even more aggravated then if there were just a little silent loading screen.

But thats my personal pet peeve as sound annoys me more then visuals. Whenever I get frustrated with a level on a game I can turn down the volume and not be quite as annoyed, and focus on beating the level. Sitting through the same cutscene time after time after time grates on my nerves to no end. I only have to be told to cross the dam road / or how I am going to die so many times, just get on with the dam mission already!!!!

mintaro3775d ago

this game is up on my must get list, all i need now is a demo

Fishy Fingers3775d ago

Just give me a SOLID 60fps and ill be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.