Eurogamer: Metal Gear Online - First Impressions

Rob Fahey of Eurogamer writes: Metal Gear Online is, Metal Gear Solid stripped down to its bare essentials, shorn of its characters, its cut-scenes and its cinematic ambitions. Divested of the storytelling elements that have provoked so much love and so much hate from gamers, Metal Gear Online instead offers up stealth and combat in their purest form - no cut-scenes, no missions, just 16 players waging online battles. Admittedly, this isn't the first time that Metal Gear Solid has sported an online component. MGS3's second incarnation, Subsistence, and the PSP's first proper MGS title, Portable Ops, both allowed players to take the game online, and both implemented it pretty well. However, neither console is noted for its online play, and it's fair to argue that Metal Gear Online on the PS3 represents the first really high-profile effort to bring the series online.

Whether Metal Gear Online can succeed at being seen as anything other than the online mode of MGS4 remains to be seen - but the promise of ongoing downloadable content releases and perhaps even full online distribution for the game is very promising, assuming Konami can get the price point right. Either way, we had a huge amount of fun with an afternoon spent playing Metal Gear Online - which, after being spoiled by the likes of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4's magnificent online modes in recent months, strikes us as extremely promising. Whatever they think of Kojima's storytelling, every fan of online shooters should be keeping a close eye on MGO.

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Fishy Fingers3713d ago

I was a little worried by MGO at first, i wasnt sure if MGS even needed it (im one of the few left who still love single player experience) but all the previews and hands on seem to be praising it.

But this is still one game where i believe most of my time is going to be spent on single player.

Few monthes guys.....

avacadosnorkel3713d ago

There are more people like yourself that prefer single player than you think.

Not everybody wants to be bothered with annoying online gamers.

Mainman3713d ago

I love single player MGS, but trust me on this, multiplayer MGS only adds to the MGS experience. I loved MGS3 online and can't wait for MGO2.

blacsheep3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

and metal gear online packaged with MGS4 is what we ps3 owners want soon sony! repay our loyalty

ceedubya93713d ago

Isn't a version of this game supposed to be offered on the same disc as MGS4? I'm really looking forward to both games.

Fishy Fingers3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )


It comes on the same disc as MGS4, well at least the "starter pack" with more to follow via PSN.

btw, i didnt disagree with you, and im not sure why someone has when you simply asked a question.

ceedubya93713d ago

Did someone really disagree with me for asking a question? Some people on here are really sad gamers. Anyway, thanks for the info Fishy Fingers.

Nykamari3713d ago


Cyrus3653713d ago

Shall be interesting to see what a "Starter" pack entails, and what kind of DLC content they will offer. It has to be significant, or it'll just fragment the game players, of the people who have DLC and others who don't.