G4TV-Far Cry 3 Review

G4:Far Cry 3 sends native American Jason Brody into a tropical nightmare world when he and his friends are captured by sadistic human traffickers on a South Pacific island. To rescue his friends and avenge his slain brother, Jason must become a warrior, a killer, and possibly the mirror image of his enemies.

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mafiahajeri1810d ago

Vaas is the coolest Villian of 2012, maybe even the coolest character...

Dovahkiin1810d ago

He is cool as fuck, it was easy to hate him though. Following his actions.

LackTrue4K1810d ago

i agree!!! him and Handsome Jack are the best villains i have seen in a long time..

sithsylar1810d ago

Holy shit that review was good now i need to get this game.

Chitown712911809d ago

Im sorry, but I thought G4 was closing down. And Far Cry 3 looks like a blast. I shall receive it on payday a.k.a. Friday lol

Smelly1sam1809d ago

X-play is going down soon.

Chitown712911809d ago

You know when ? Im seriously curious, not wishing ill on them , I just want to know

FarCryLover1821810d ago

I neeeeeeeeddddddd this game. I can get it one week from Friday. It's killing me not having it :3

Bathyj1809d ago

native American?

Is he? Didnt know that.

attilayavuzer1809d ago

I think they just mean he's from America as native isn't capitalized

Wagz221809d ago

I was going to say that too, until I noticed native wasn't capitalized.

SCW19821809d ago

Pretty sure Jason is not Native American in any way. They call him Snow White in the game because be is a rich little white boy. They must still be on their assassins creed 3 fix.

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