PS4 Blowout: GPGPU, DirectX 11; Sony London to “Set the Bar for the Industry”, More

With the PS4 probably coming out next year, and certainly no later than 2014, we’ve been digging around looking for the inside scoop on what exactly you should expect. All of the following is based on publicly available information, rather than shady secret anonymous sources where you have to trust us because we’re games journalists (ha!).

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ftwrthtx2171d ago

Great assembly of information. The PS4 could very well be the greatest console ever (at least up til now)

TrendyGamers2171d ago

Great read, must have taken a long time to make this article!

NewMonday2171d ago

Sony London? the new 25% tax break will be another boost

CraigandDayDay2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

I don't know if this stuff is legit or not for sure, but it sound VERY realistic and I think it's mostly true. Check leaked document from a supposedly "reliable" source.

The PS4 is apparently supposed to be better than the Wii U but a bit weaker than the NextBox, according to this rumor page. Plus both the PS4 and NextBox are gonna have a form of VR. Also, the PS4 won't be called Orbis but instead it supposedly will be called "PlayStation Omni."

Interesting stuff, people.

It's the biggest list of leaked info from a reliable source that I have found.

A buddy sent me this link. And I about flipped when I read through it.

Is there a reason to all the disagrees? Just wondering. Just so you guys know, this is NOT my website. I'm just trying to let y'all in on this info. It's some seriously legit-sounding info. You want to read this, trust me.


Yeah, it's kinda funny. It's not like I'M saying it. haha It's in the linked article. They shouldn't take it out on me with disagrees. It's not my fault what the rumor is. lol

dubt722171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

NEVER say the next playstation will be weaker than the next Xbox! People here won't let you down. Even when it's probably true, lol.

Septic2171d ago

Hey mine too!

All this sounds great- can't wait for E3. Here's hoping this year's E3 isn't as dull as the last one.

And Sony, this time don't be cheap by showing us CGI! We want to be blown away for the right reasons!

CraigandDayDay2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )


I think they've learned their lesson with that, but to be fair Killzone 3 looks pretty dang close to that Killzone target video they released back in the day. So, they weren't completely fooling us. Now, as far as that Motorstorm target video, they missed the mark quite a bit on that one. haha Remember all the mud and dust and stuff? I'm sure the PS4 will make KZ3 and The Last of Us look last-gen and I can't wait for it.

Motorstorm Targe Render v Actual Gameplay Video:

MikeMyers2171d ago

Don't know about anyone else buy I cannot wait for the PS4. I think Sony learned a lot this generation and won't be resting on their laurels and come in with an arrogant attitude this time. The launch of games should be much stronger than what we saw on the PS3 as well.

GrandTheftZamboni2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )


If you're talking about 2005 E3 trailer, I think the actual gameplay does look better, at least particle effects and lighting:

Pre-rendered Trailer:


starchild2171d ago

I think Sony is set up pretty well for next generation. They have learned a lot this generation and they have the best lineup of developer talent, bar none.

I just hope they don't make their console too under-powered, under the misguided assumption that it will make them more successful like the Wii. The kinds of 1st party developers under their umbrella--like Naughty Dog, Sony Sanat Monica, and Guerrilla--really need to have a capable system to work with.

blackbeld2171d ago

PlayStation always set The bar on consoles since the first Playstation back in the 90".

I will sure buy it when it's out.

scofios2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )


Didn't see you and all the other hypocriets (game media) cry when MS showed project nathal for the first time , when the real thing got released it didn't trun to be like those fake videos from E3 .
Did you get blown away with kinect ???

MAJ0R2171d ago

If I'm not mistaken, doesn't Sony use OpenGL? Would Sony switch to DirectX, a Microsoft specific API?

TheRealSpy2171d ago

Killzone 2 and 3 don't even come close to that original 2005 video. The fact that so many people (in a certain group within the community) really makes me realize that most people don't have a clue what they are talking about and I have no reason to take anything said in these comment sections seriously.

These are the same people that said that Final Fantasy 10 was the best looking game of the last generation.

Your eyes see what they want to see, i guess.

BattleAxe2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

""GPGPU – What it is:

General-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU)""

""Most importantly, the Wii U also uses one (although with arguably weak chips).""

So in other words, Nintendo is "Weak Chips".

Statix2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

What on earth gives you the idea that the PS4 will be less powerful than the Xbox 720? I would think the reverse situation would be more likely, with Microsoft desperate to avoid another billion-dollar loss due to defective and/or overheating hardware, having learned their lesson via the RROD fiasco. You can only stuff a finite amount of graphical and processing power into a compact box without it overheating, and I'm sure Microsoft is fully aware of this.

Not to mention the rumors that the next Microsoft console will sport a seriously weak HD 6670 as its GPU (although I've also heard rumors of Nvidia cards in recent Xbox devkits, so take all rumors with a grain of salt). And, not to mention the fact that Microsoft will probably place a ton of emphasis on pushing Kinect functionality and integration, even more so than they have this generation, as a selling point for the new console, rather than pure hardware horsepower. Microsoft has been showing more and more in recent years that they're prioritizing catering to the casual market rather than the hardcore gamer market.

ABizzel12171d ago

My friends, this is gaming journalism. Research, un-bias information, and a well thought out presentation.

EeJLP-2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

"Also, the PS4 won't be called Orbis but instead it supposedly will be called "PlayStation Omni.""

It'll be called the PlayStation 4 or I'll be duct-taping something over it that says PS4.

It will be a dumb move on Sony's part if they go with anything besides PS4. "Vita" clearly didn't do any better than "PSP2" would have.

Talked about this plenty of times already, but PS4 has mass name recognition already and extends it to PS5 and beyond. A name change means a lot of wasted time & money building name recognition with the masses aka a lot of lost sales.

PlayStation 1-3 is the highest selling home consoles franchise by far. ~60 million more than all of Nintendo's home consoles (CTVG, NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, WiiU) combined. ~100 million more than all of Microsoft, Sega, Atari, NEC, Mattel, Coleco, Magnavox/Phillips, and Panasonic consoles combined.

After what will be three 100mil+ sellers, you go with "4", not Orbis or Omni, lose your name recognition and possibly lose half or similarly large chunk of sales.

GrandTheftZamboni2171d ago


I didn't watch the trailer at E3, but at least I provided links to Youtube to support my opinion. What have you got? Did you see the trailer as it was shown in 2005 at E3? What are your claims that "Killzone 2 and 3 don't even come close to that original 2005 video" based on?

Septic2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )


Oh you didn't see me when Natal was hyped up eh? Why is that because I was still here??

Clearly you've taken what I said to heart but Sony did pretty much lie to everyone. When prompted about the Killzone tech demo they never answered the question directly and even the likes of John Carmack had to get involved and speculate.

I'm sorry but Sony has a habit of doing this; it did it with the PS2 and PS3. As a fan, you of all people should feel insulted, misleading you like that. But obviously're too busy rushing to their defence as if you owe them your life.

The same criticism goes to MS and Natal. But please tell me, when was 'the real thing released'?? Think before your fanboy rage types nonsense for you.

@above. Come on......really?? Just look at the two trailers. One is blatantly CGI and just all round better. Its the kind of quality you expect from the next generation of consoles, not this one.

Winter47th2171d ago Show
sikbeta2170d ago

Sony London? as SCEE or London Studio (which is dead now)?

Rumors still strong on:

APU (A10 based)+ Discret GPU (7970)

SolidStoner2170d ago

I just want 500$ pure hardcore gaming machine with all new thech in it!

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

All new console will have gpgpu gpu's. The important thing is that it doesn't need to depend on gpgpu.

I rather ps4 have a good cpu so that the gpu can be used for graphics 1000% to it's limit. And the cpu as well.

Also I am wondering if there will be a standalone gpu with the apu or just the apu?

If so devs would have two graphics chips to play with(the apu gpu less powerful of course).

Also Global Illumination = illuminati take over.

DivineHand1252171d ago

The article already explained why the gpgpu is the best possible direction these consoles should take since no matter how fast the cpu and the gpu are there will still be a bottleneck with the time it takes the for data to travel between them.
To get around this problem, they chose out of the two which one processes data the best then modify that one to be able to handle the job of the other one while maintaining the same techniques that made it superior.

DeadlyFire2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

The convenience of HSA means they can work independently at the same time as well.

It will likely be tied to APU + GPGPU or 2 APUs + GPGPU.

GPGPU or workstation video cards are very expensive pieces of equipment with lots of heat typically I suspect one at 1 Tflop or so will be what Sony goes with alongside APU(up to 1 Tflop) or Dual APUs. Equating to about 2-3 Tflops.

Maybe more if this power talk is true. There was a rumor awhile back of 1.840 Tflop GPU in PS4 kit. Possible that is GPGPU is based on or exactly the AMD FirePro V7900? The V7900 runs with up to 1.86 Tflops or so it has been marked to do so. Its not impossible to imagine 1.84 Tflops from it.

Lets say 1.84 + 1 Tflop(Single APU) - 2.84 Tflops
or +2 Tflop(Dual APUs) - 3.84 Tflops?

I expect XB3 to come down a similar path close to same end-game. I have a suspicion of NVIDIA ARM APU for XB3 + whatever else is in the system. There is a reason Microsoft has partnered with NVIDIA locking out others from buying them. Maybe its all Windows ARM related, but maybe its not.

N4g_null2171d ago

Sony will be using open cl like every one else.

mysterym2171d ago

except microsoft who will be using direct X 11.1

BitbyDeath2171d ago

I'm not used to ranking up stories but this one certainly deserves it.

Great detective work.

Oh_Yeah2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Ive been saying it wont be called ps4 because of the superstition in Japan. As for it being weaker than durango? Thats whatever, you already know where the exclusives and free online will be.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2171d ago

And you already know who will have the better third party games and better online overall.

Kingthrash3602171d ago

Oh no... Another one of those " brand y is better than brand x" arguments brewing.
Dam son just buy both systems, stfu and play. Kids these days ... Smh.

On to the topic- this is a great article, a lot of work put into it... Hope to see more of these type of deep relevant articles. Ps4's looking good hope Xbox is just as impressive.

Temporary2171d ago

Kids cant look past the brand these days. I personally prefer the PS3, but I got an Xbox too and it didnt hurt my pocket or my pride.

Oh_Yeah2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

@midnighter20c_stf yeah pc, i have a 360 im not hating on microsft, its good for bethesda games and other games which are better that dont have online, but it only had gears, halo, and forza as exclusives this gen not counting the kinect..would have been better off getting a gaming pc..because 1 good exclusive (halo) isnt really worth the purchase. Just stating facts, no fanboyism here. If ms actually has exclusives for durango then ill get it.

andibandit2171d ago


"you already know where the exclusives and free online will be"

I already know your credit card info.

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xtremeimport2171d ago

The mysterious price will forever scare me until they announce.

Triggytrolls2171d ago

I can see it being a good £500! That's my guess anyway.

showtimefolks2171d ago

can't wait to find out more not only the ps4 specs but next xbox too.

e3 2013 will be a lot of fun if these systems are indeed coming in 2013. but doesn't sony also have a history of talking about their gaming products during GDC?

INehalemEXI2171d ago

I like this gpgpu stuff. Will be interesting to see what happens.

waltercross2171d ago

MS owns DirectX so don't expect the PS4 to support that. It's like the XBOX 720 getting Blu-Ray. I mean It'd be cool but don't think PS4 will have DirectX 11.

DivineHand1252171d ago

The article in no shape or form said the ps4 will get DirectX. According to the article, the ps4 instead will use an api developed by sony london that will have comparable features with DirectX11.
Also no one is stopping Microsoft from putting Blu-Ray in the Xbox other than their pride.

Bigpappy2171d ago

@DivineHand125: Not exactly. This is what they said: "That’s why it’s important to hear that Sony are working on an equivalent API if they plan on competing graphically with whatever Microsoft brings out."
They never said for sure that the 'equivalent API' with be in the PS4, only that they are working on one.
It may be better to just use DX11 to make it easier on 3rd developers. Ports could be a big issue again, if they do not get it right and this could be the new 'Cell' for Sony. Sony could use DX11 and M$ the new Blu-ray.

specialguest2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

-deleted by mobs

nintendoland2171d ago

in terms of graphics you have already experienced with pc. Sony you really need to man up

Buff10442170d ago

Would love to know where Sony's pulling the money for that.

calibann2170d ago

You're all arguing over which console will be the best. I just sit here on my pc, laughing.

monkey nuts2170d ago

I just sit here on my pc, laughing and masterbating simultaneously.

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Sev2171d ago

Holy journalism, Batman.

decimalator2171d ago

sounds awesome. though GPGPU is an extension of the Cell concept. The cell just had dedicated cores. Using a GPGPU is going to be no more easy than using the CBE. it just might be more familiar to programmers since it is more generic

DarkHeroZX2171d ago

SPEs aren't cores. They are more like independent and more powerful threads. The Cell is only one core.

mysterym2171d ago

err a cell is a DPU, this is a GPU that has CPU instructions - they are not a like.

Lots of things have dedicated cores to allow for parellism.

BanBrother2171d ago

I hope you know what you are getting yourself into. It only does everything + more.

Nelson M2171d ago

I love my PS3
And i'm gonna love my PS4
Long Live Sony !!!!

DERKADER2171d ago

I love my PS3
I love my 360
I love my PC
And I'm going to wait before they release some information on next gen consoles before I make up my mind. And not be blinded by brand loyalty.

AngelicIceDiamond2171d ago

Lol how does this sound

I love my Xbox
And I'm gonna love my 720
Xbox, Jump in!!