Head to Head: GDC '08 Predictions

San Jose Mercury News' columnist Dean Takahashi and IGN Insider's editor-in-chief David Clayman forecast this year's GDC.

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wageslave3776d ago

I appreciated the insight by two industry-agnostic insiders. These are two premier industry watchers, and they have a much better insight than you or I do about the industry.

I wish we had *more* of this kind of reporting.

masterg3776d ago

Here are my predictions in order or likelihood.

1. Gear of War 2 announced (95%)
2. GTA4 will be shown in action. (85%)
3. HOME/IN-Game XMB give street date before GTA4 (80%)
4. Resistance 2 will show a teaser (50%)
5. Sony will show new ways to use PsEye (40%)

gEnKiE3776d ago

That was such a horrible interview.....Adam and Morgan shouldn't do live tv...

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wageslave3776d ago

They're seeming to call for a big EPIC (pun intended) announcment.

Must be Gears of War 2.

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