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January 2016 NPD: Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto top sales chart with few new releases

11m ago - Lego Marvel Avengers is the only new game in the top 10. Call of Duty and Rainbow Six: Siege sold... | PS4

'Destiny' Sequel is in the Works, Set for 2017 Release

28m ago - destiny moon ‘Destiny’ Sequel is in the Works, Set for 2017 Release Ben Eberle February 1... | Xbox 360

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Godus Wars, Kickstarter Backer Reactions and How to Not Open a Can of Worms

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18 Textbook AFK Excuses You Should Use

33m ago - In MMOs particularly, sometimes instances go so terribly awry or you're constantly slaughtered in... | Culture

The Division — Most Disappointing Changes

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