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What I Loathe About Far Cry 3

RPS - Yesterday I celebrated what is definitely a really fantastic game. A game that deserves celebration, a surprise treat from a series that never promised anything this involved, mad, and genre-busting. It is, overall, a very positive experience. And as I said yesterday, such experiences come at a price – when stuff is wrong, it looks very, very wrong. (Far Cry 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

cgoodno  +   654d ago
***well, it’s a bit racist, isn’t it?***


***The antagonists call you Snow White, a derisory name but one that pretty much points out that you’re the pure white American man in this land of colourful folks.***

Because I really expect that the guy who has tried and continued to try and kill me will treat me with respect and not call me derogatory/derisory names. /s

*** They can’t fight against the pirates for themselves, but you can save them.***

How is this different than most games where you start out as a feeble commoner and gain power and fame and stop the bad guy in the end? Skyrim is the same. Kingdoms of Amalur is the same. Borderlands 1 & 2 are the same.

Don't mistake the look of the world as an attempt to tell a more realistic story without the standard Hero tropes. This is just as much a fantasy world as the others considering what the protagonist is able to do on his own.
Kanzes  +   654d ago
The game is amazing. It deserves GOTY award.. or at least Best Shooter award
Griffin4871  +   654d ago
Meh, it's not like they call you a honky.
Dovahkiin  +   654d ago
And if they did, anyone who took offense, shouldn't be allowed to play video games.

In fact, I'd love it if they called me a honkey.
doctorstrange  +   654d ago
Trying to raise the 'omg racism' bandwagon to gain credibility
aliengmr  +   654d ago
I 'loathed' not being able turn on my flashlight when I wanted to and not being able to switch to burst fire or single shot.

Pretty nitpicky, I know, but they actually exist in the game and "racism" does not.

The game being universally well received means some one has to find some controversy with it. So a game that features multiple races must have racism in it. What else are you gonna write about?
Dfooster  +   654d ago
I totally love this game but I have to agree with some of these nitpicks even if they are like 1% of the whole experience where you say to yourself I might have done that differently. The skinning animals is a good one as is the constant use of the same lines from the pirates.

But all in all this is like slagging off the cistine chapel because there's a spiders web on it someone forgot to dust.
retrofly  +   654d ago
Isn't it snow white becuase you came back from the dead, al la Snow White?
ziggurcat  +   654d ago
you know what i loathe? ****ing idiots who try to pull the racism card when there's no racism whatsoever.
Majors  +   654d ago
Im really enjoying this game, I have to agree with the skinning of animals (looks more like you cut out a rump steak) and also Ive noticed (aswell as every other game that includes it ) POKER !!!! AARRGGHH Can no one get this right ? The cards in your hand do not in anyway represent the the cards the computer have dealt you.
i.e I have J,K,Q,2 & 4 other character wins with 3 of a kind and it shows a list of all hands for each character while mine shows something totally different to what i have...
Apart from this small annoyance Great Game
Jinkies  +   654d ago
What I hate is that theres no air vehicles like Helicopters or small Sea planes, not to mention no vehicles in the map editor.

Then theres trying to swtich weapons during a fight...since the triangle button only lets you switch to the previous gun you have to keep opening your weapon wheel, if it paused the game then that would be fine but it dosen't.

I also don't like how animals in the wild don't appear on your radar if they've spotted you. The amount of times I've crapped myself because a dog out of no where attacks me.

I have to admit aswell it's a shame theres no third person mode when driving, not to mention how easily cares can break/blow up....hell even if your going full speed towards a small hill it can't climb it, it just rolls back down.
The_Infected  +   654d ago
Well to me Far Cry 3 is probably the best FPS I've ever played aside from Halo 4. The graphics are amazing, the world is great, and vaas is a bad ass! It's just a great game.
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MRMagoo123  +   654d ago
aside from halo 4 lmao you are kidding right far cry 3 is miles ahead of that corridor shooter* (in comparison)
The_Infected  +   654d ago
The world don't revolve around just open world shooters variety is good. Halo 4 is great for what it is. It's straight up action with a great story. Also it looks damn good. Just like Far Cry 3 is great for the type of shooter it is.

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