Confirmed: Uncharted 2?

Obviously rumors will hit anything remotely successful, that means Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is no exception to that happening. As one of the most prolific games on the PlayStation 3, Drake left fans wanting an entirely new adventure as quick as possible.

Apparently, according to some news print, Uncharted 2 has been confirmed. Watch the video below and decide for yourself. Without an official announcement, it's hard to be anything but skeptical.

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sonarus3743d ago

Uncharted was a great game. This will probably fall into 09 games which i dnt mind. If uncharted could implement some type of multiplayer it will drastically improve the sales. I will value the sp over the multiplayer but online multiplayer goes a long way in seperating a game from purhcase or rental

Seraphim3743d ago

Naughty Dog is like Insomniac. They are the best developers when it comes to creating annual titles on the Playstation. They create the very best games in the very least amount of time. Other developers could really learn from these two studios. So it's easy to expect that Uncharted 2 can be a Christmas 2009 title. Of course it depends on Sony's lineup this Holiday Season as well. If Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Infamous [originally announced as 2008], and several other games are slated for release Oct-Dec then some games could easily slip into early 09 for strategic purposes. Also, the extra time could certainly ensure a little more quality; not they'd be lacking anyway.

poos33743d ago

naughty dog and insomniac for their kiddy games on the last generation consoles they are not big devs or very skilled devs that have changed the gaming world.

mintaro3743d ago

i dont know about that, it could be argued that the jak and racthet franchises are one of the all-time greats

Nitrogen3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

shows what you know, poos3. you have absolutely no taste in games. no wonder 56 people are ignoring you, including me

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ruibing3743d ago

Since Uncharted has finally built their engine, the sequel with its tweaks should be released much sooner.

coolfool3743d ago

But I am not sure how much quick it will actually be. Mainly due to the developers goals of enhancing the engine. If they were going to use the exact same engine with minimal tweaks then yes developement time would be relatively quick. However, Naughty dog has stated in a few of their interviews the amount of enhancement we can expect to see between generations of their engine. To attain their goals I would expect this to take a large amount of time. They earliest we can expect to see this is the end of '09.

Fishy Fingers3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

If its true, first day for me!

Wasnt these guys (ND) that said their only using 30% of the PS3? Cant wait to see what the sequal looks like.

heyheyhey3743d ago

i think they said 20%

and your right- ND laid the groundwork for an outstanding sequel, it just needs to be longer and it will RAWK!!

ar3743d ago

They said at most a third of the total power of the cell in an interview at GT. Never said anything about the RSX but we can probably be sure that there next game will be improved pretty much.
I really hope the can pull together the cinematic feeling from Uncharted. It felt almost as playing a movie.

Hapimeses3743d ago

Yuppers, when the game comes out (when, not if; let's be honest, here), I'll be in the queue to buy it. After all, I really enjoyed Uncharted -- indeed, it's one of the few games I've entirely completed on PS3.

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