New Apps Launch on Xbox LIVE

Major Nelson:

"Today on Xbox, new entertainment experiences are coming your way. Xbox 360 is continuing to build on its catalog of television, movies, sports and music and we’re happy to announce the new entertainment apps rolling out today around the globe."

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iNathan2021d ago

Windows, iOS, Android, Live, PSN...

Apple was right all along.

DigitalRaptor2021d ago

I'm curious though, do the rest require you to pay to access those apps every year?

Something to think about.

2021d ago
dazzrazz2021d ago

The only one ive used is youtube couldn't give a shit about rest I bought this hardware for gaming not apps collecting

QuantumWake2021d ago

Then keep on gaming, these apps aren't stopping you. Obviously these apps aren't for you, but they are convenient to other people who probably are not gaming for that day.

MoveTheGlow2021d ago

Having Blip on there makes a lot of sense for nerds! I know a ton of great video series that run through Blip, and having those on TV would be nice.

Having IGN, though? Really? They have a friggin' website. Is the app there because their video application isn't supported?

rapidturtle2021d ago

I get a ton of apps on my Samsung BlueRay player for free. Do the right thing MS, and make online gaming and the use of these apps free.
This is why the Xbox rules in the United States. We are the dumbest, and most wasteful consumers in the world, and Microsoft knows it. Who would have thought that you could bottle water and sell it??? Just send it over to the stupid Americans, they'll buy it. You have a Wii, PS3, and Cpu gaming that you can play online for free. What do we, the American public choose???? I'll just pay my $60 and say it is a better service. Hell, they even rose the price, and we said, well that's ok, we have cross game chat and the other consoles don't so that's worth the $60. Really?? Cmon people, stop giving your money away, and call Microsoft's bluff.

hazardman2021d ago

I like when people tell me what I should and shouldn't do with my hard earned money!

Hufandpuf2021d ago

Did you just imply that bottled water is stupid? Please go away.

Aceman182021d ago

american here, and i'm not paying to play online when i know its free everywhere else. i agree with you.

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