My PlayStation Vita – I Love It

Kyle relives this initial thoughts and feelings of the PlayStation Vita. Through the highs and lows, finally realizing that yes, he does indeed love it.

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Snookies121750d ago

I love mine... Hell, For the first two months after I bought it I didn't even touch my consoles. I may leave it be for a few days or a week here and there, but every time I come back to it I'm reminded of just how great it is.

Fid1750d ago

Got mine at release and I don't think a day has passed that I haven't picked it up and spent at least an hour on it. It is an awesome machine with more games in it's library than i have time to get through including LOADS of free content. A BIG thank you goes out to Sony from me.

Gamerita1750d ago

My PlayStation Vita – I Hate It

FriedGoat1750d ago

That would probably be because you either don't actually own one or don't buy any games.

Gamerita1750d ago

so you saying i'm not allowed to hate my vita ? *confused* !

Nerdmaster1750d ago

Well, I'm not him, but I have Uncharted, Ragnarok Odyssey, Project Diva F, I have PS Plus, and I can't remember the last time I played it...

Farsendor11750d ago

i don't like my vita either have 1 game and thats mortal kombat

FriedGoat1749d ago

Confirms my point really. One person has 1 game and doesn't like it, another has 3 games and has obviously never used his PS+ if he can't remember when he last used it. PS+ has only been out a couple of weeks on vita.
I have around 15+ games and love my Vita, I can safely say its the greatest first 8 months on a handheld I have ever had, and I've pretty much had them all.

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cpayne931750d ago

You said in some previous comments that you love Uncharted and Little Deviants on Vita...

And what's the point of saying that without giving any reasons other than to troll?

Gamerita1750d ago

i loved crackdown,project gotham racing & the 1st saint row all on xbox 360 but i hated the xbox 360 so sold it as soon as PS3 came out. vita just like any other console has its good & bad games but the console itself is not loveable aka sucks.

now vita children can you please allow me my opinion ? we can't all love the same console or the same game genre.

ThanatosDMC1750d ago

I'm waiting for your article.

tiffac0081750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

LOL! Bro you should have explained everything earlier. That would have given you less grief with the others commenting on your opinion.

Clarity makes for less misunderstanding.

Thirty3Three1749d ago

@Farsender.... And that'd be why you hate it. You only have one game... smh. Some people...

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KangarooSam1750d ago

I love it too. Not enough time in the day to rub it out. The back touch panel, that is. <3

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The story is too old to be commented.