Inevitability Rears Its Head as Call of Duty Sales May Be Lower Than Usual

1up - Call of Duty haters may not want to rejoice just yet, though.

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bwazy1994d ago

What goes up must come down.

And stuff, I don't know.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

"What goes up must come down. "

And break like glass!!! I hope..

lol in reality everyone will buy their bad ports next year. O fcourse 720 will be best. It's probably in the contract.

doogiebear1994d ago

Far cry 3 is better. Plus unlimited maps due to map editor
To hell with cod.

Sp1d3ynut1994d ago

It'll still sell 10-15 million, worldwide, lifetime. Releasing so close to HALO 4 and AC3 has surely had an impact.

venom061994d ago

why the hell do these people think, "people hate CoD".. no one hates CoD, they hate the fact that the developers get our hard earned money every year, make a billion, and the leave us with a GARBAGE product with horrible matchmaking, horrible map design and even WORSE lag compensation (and no sign of dedicated servers)..... the crap happens every freakin year.. so no, we are not "CoD haters". We hate the crap that thrown in our face every year, that we think is actually going to be something because of the marketing ploy of Activision, only to be disappointed every freakin year...

shivvy241994d ago

then dont buy it if you know thats whats gonna happen , i actually lost interest in cod back in the MW2 days , i was more into sci fi shooters like Halo and Resistance

mochachino1994d ago

Why buy it if you think it's crap?

I stopped buying COD a few years ago, but I see how people love it, I certainly did COD4 but each version is nearly identical to the last. The gameplay just became boring.

Seriously though, if COD came out every two years and sold 3 mill instead of 20 and some other game released yearly selling 20 mill, people would hate that instead and love COD.

Hardcore gamers hate what's very popular. Give credit where credit is due. COD has influenced every FPS game this gen.

Acadius1994d ago

I've set aside my Black Ops 2 copy until the theater mode is fixed, my gun camo keeps vanishing each time I power down my 360 (I have to reapply it each time). I don't know what to say regarding the lag that seems to be unprecedented in this installment. I don't know if they will fix it since I read that Activision rents the servers from some other company. I love the mechanics of this game but when there is more frustration than pleasure then I play Far Cry 3 and Halo 4. If word of mouth continues to be negative about Black Ops 2 then Activision will eventually have a uphill battle since word of mouth advertising can wear down the reputation of anything when it is bad.

GraveLord1993d ago

"Call of Duty sales MAY be down, let's write an article about it!"

Desperate. I'm not defending Call of Duty in any way, but the only "proof" we have of this is some analysts predictions, which are always wrong. They've been wrong every single year about Call of Duty, no reason they would be right now.