EDM’s Game Of The Year Awards: Best Mobile Game

While the mobile platform used to only apply to a niche group of gamers, the call for more quality titles has risen due mainly in part to the higher demand of gamers on the go. Handhelds have grown in popularity thanks to Nintendo, and smartphones have open the door for casual gamers to easily enter the market

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Godchild10201961d ago

I enjoyed uncharted. I recently started playing It again due to plus and I hate the touch screen controls. Overall the game is great, but the touch controls bring it down a little. Some of the touch features are't really needed.

I also enjoyed Pokemon. I really want one on the WiiU.

Genuine-User1961d ago

You have the option of using physical buttons instead. Thought I'd let you know.

Godchild10201961d ago

Not during the boss fights. That is the only time I didn't like them, especially playing on the hardest difficulty.

I know you have the option to us the touch and physical buttons during the climbing parts and stuff, but not during the boss fights.

Genuine-User1961d ago

I might have to re-check that. Sorry for the partially wrong info. Lol