Uh Oh, PlayStation Games Failed to Hit the Million Award in Japan

Kotaku - Sales figures are typically pretty boring! Except for when, they're interesting. And by interesting, I mean telling.

Recently, Sony held the PlayStation Awards in Japan. This is a publicity stunt—and usually a dull one at that—in which Sony gives awards to those domestic studios which sell a certain number of units, such as over a million and between half a million and a million. Platforms include the PSP, the PS Vita, and the PlayStation 3, hence the name of the event.

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Zuperman1967d ago

Kotaku are nothing but trollers.

ThanatosDMC1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Yup, i hate how they have so much news on Steam. It's horrible articles and most of the time their webpages do not even load properly.

Edit: It has 3 full stars on the N4G website rating.

BoNeSaW231967d ago

Most people on N4G do not realize you can rate the Story and Website by clicking on the source under "Read Full Story" which is a shame.

I've been checking WTF? and No on every Kotaku article for years since registering and they still have 3 stars.
They are like the cockroaches of gaming journalism. Hard to kill and you see them every where! :)

ziggurcat1967d ago

only 10 more doom articles to go to hit today's quota...

majiebeast1967d ago

Its Kotaku move along people nothing to see here.

wishingW3L1967d ago

the tittle is very misleading though....

porkChop1967d ago

Fuck off Kotaku. Bunch of trolls and sensationalists.

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