If This Was An Official Nintendo Commercial, Maybe People Would Know What The Hell A Wii U Is

Kotaku - A lot of people don't seem to realize what the Wii U is. Is this cryptic Nintendo commercial just another Wii? I don't get it, some people said. Even Michelle Obama didn't make the distinction.

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DragonKnight1995d ago

Is it just me, or did she look better when she just woke up?

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poo3429472947921995d ago

I am sure if you even know what N4G is then you know what a wii U is....

poo3429472947921995d ago

and considering all local stores here are sold out and still taking back orders in a town of just 750,000 I am sure in 3 days when the wii U launches in its motherland of japan it shall be crazy.

rainslacker1995d ago

That video, while amusing, didn't really show off what the Wii U was...still made it seem like an add-on. Only thing close to being different is when the Wii changed into a Wii U...which still looks a lot like a black Wii. On top of that I doubt showing off the weaknesses of the Wii-mote is good advertising, especially since the Wii-mote is still applicable to Wii U games, and it only enforces the assertion that Nintendo sells their systems on gimmicks.

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