Far Cry 3’s “Racism” And Other Reasons People Aren’t Picking Up Some Of This Year’s Games

Kotaku - Sometimes it seems as if the end-all-be-all metric we use to determine if we will purchase something is "fun." In actuality, there are things about a game that might make someone think twice about purchasing it—and they have nothing to do with how the game plays or how fun it is.

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NukaCola1960d ago

Dear Kotaku,




Cam9771960d ago

I'm an Alien from a distant galaxy.

MariaHelFutura1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Everyone would include aliens. Venusians, Reptilians, Martians and Annunaki all hate Kotaku.

knowyourstuff1960d ago

Once again, we see people waiving around their politically correct wands for pretentious shallow reasons like trying to get attention. This is no different than the toddler who won't stop showing his penis. Now put that away kotaku.

AngryTypingGuy1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Sorry, but I want realism in games. When I am battling Nazis in a WWII game, I don't get offended because they are all white. On the contrary, I would be more offended if the game designers thought we weren't mature enough to handle that fact that all Nazis were white.

Likewise, in a game like this that takes place in an exotic location, it wouldn't be realistic to have a large percentage of enemies be white. In fact, it would be insulting to anyone who wants the game experience to be as authentic as possible.

Our society needs to stop being so easily offended. Why are we so obsessed over things like this? Oh that's right, because we have 24 hour news networks that purposely escalate stories and create mountains out of molehills so that they can fill air time. I think they've slowly conditioned us over time to be offended by everything.

Political correctness = polite dishonesty.

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Mutant-Spud1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

FFS, these people have obviously never been to a Pacific Island or met any Islanders, Rook is considerably crappier than most real Polynesian societies but the demeanour and warrior attitude of the Islander NPC's is pretty well depicted according to my own experience. The humiliation scenes at the end of the MP matches actually give me chills since I've seen Maori and Samoan hoodlums behaving that way in real life, nobody over here in Australia fucks with them because they'll hurt you, badly, that's why they're star recruits for Bikie (biker) gangs.
Like so:

OneAboveAll1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

What racism? This article seem's to be aimed at us whites as it throws "the white man" around a lot in the article. The last time I checked, the majority of white people don't get offended by being called racist names "cracker/honky" etc. lol

So far, this article is more racist than the game is. :p

-Mezzo-1960d ago

Exactly, I've been playing the game since 28th of last month and so far No Racism.

Maybe i'm not far enough in the game or these are some overly sensitive people.

bloodybutcher1960d ago

you haven't noticed any racism because you keep on shooting at all coloured people:P

Pushagree1960d ago

Yeah, that is political correctness for ya. The "white man" has to take everything in stride, but even the mere mention of black people causes accusations of racism now. The zombies in RE5 are black? Racism. There are black people in Far Cry 3? Racism. Someone doesn't like Obama? Racism.

Just ridiculous.

cpayne931960d ago

The race card gets thrown around so much nowadays. Racism is horrible of course, but some people go crazy with the accusations. It's sad but the things you just said now are real accusations.

mi_titan271960d ago

i was thinking RE5 myself!

rpd1231960d ago

What pisses me off is when people use the term "reverse-racism". It's only used when a non white person is being racist. Reverse racism doesn't exist, the term itself is racist because it implies that only white people can be racist.

Mutant-Spud1960d ago

Exactly so we're supposed to just not worry about the fact that Buck, a White Australian man is portrayed a vicious psycho who buggers his captives?
Or that the bully in every kid's movie is always White?
Or that every serial killer in TV and movies is portrayed as White even though about 60% of serial killers in the U.S are Black men?

CaptCalvin1960d ago

I'm not sure if that statistic is true.

Mutant-Spud1959d ago

Google, "Rise Of The Black Serial Killer" by Justin Cottrell, there are more Black Serial killers in the U.S.A than White and in the last ten years more than 60% of those apprehended were Black.
A serial killer is defined by the FBI as a someone who kills more than two people with a cooling off period in between murders.
Have you ever heard of Coral Watts or Hulon Mitchell Jr? Probably not.
But you've heard all about Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer over and over on TV.

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DERKADER1960d ago

Apparently just having minorities in games now is racist.

-Mika-1960d ago

You and the other people above are completely missing the point. Read the article again. It made some valid points...

Alos881960d ago

Not really, it was some guy getting offended on behalf of a minority, and then a few tweets. Granted the tweets had more substance to them, but Far Cry 3 is not racist.

HenryFord1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Did YOU read the article? It doesn't make a point at all, like really: NO POINT.
They cite another site, which makes a point, and just some random tweets of random people on the internet. That's really not making a point.

Also - is it really that hard to believe that people simply do not care about race? I played it, and it never even crossed my mind. Isn't it kind of racist (at least - subconcious) to notice and react to the races depicted in the game? Who cares if someone is black, white, green or a marshmallow? I for one do not.

bloodybutcher1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

i actually care. i have NEVER shot a marshmallow coloured person in any game:P
well, i don't care about oversensitive people anymore, it's their problem, not mine. re5 was called racist because a white guy was shooting black zombies in africa. or is it afro-african zombies, cuz they can get offended.i am from poland, i don't want to be called "white". i am eastern-european caucasian.

Jobesy1959d ago

". i have NEVER shot a marshmallow coloured person in any game:P"

Not me, I shot the crap out of the Stay Puft marshmallow man in Ghostbusters.

Thatguy-3101960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

When you go on labeling things then obviously it's going to seem bad. Throughout my play through never did I brought any character's race to mind. Just saw them as regular people. The good guys and the bad guys simple as that. The way to enjoy anything is to be as much open minded as possible. People shouldn't close themselves to ignorance.

onandonandon1960d ago

Gaming forums are full of racist people!!!

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