This Sure Wasn’t The Way I Expected Red Dead Redemption 10 To Be “Announced”

Kotaku - About a month ago I decided to finally play Max Payne 3, incidentally our "Best Drinking in a Dirty T-Shirt" GOTY. The game prompted me to make a social account with Rockstar, so I did.


Submission changed to opinion piece. This article is taking light of image names of "Red Dead Redemption 1" through "Red Dead Redemption 10" as avatar selections to make it seem like it was representing the title of the game. All it is is Red Dead Redemption 1 through 10 images.

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-Mezzo-1967d ago


On the other hand, i cannot wait for the next Red Dead 'Whatever'.

GrieverSoul1967d ago

What a stupid article.... the numbers clearly refer to the avatar number not the game itself.

If there was a slight hint of sarcasm in it, not only didnt I get it, nor did I find it funny when I pretended to be it.

yeahokchief1966d ago

They're too busy writing nonsense about video games to have time to play them and understand them.

Tomonobu Itagaki1967d ago

Why do people keep submitting those sh!ts from Kotaku, and why do people keep approving it?
In 8 years, I've never read a single article from Kotaku that was clever, newsworthy or interesting. All they are doing is spewing garbage everywhere, an insult to the journalism, the gaming and the blogging communities.

indubitably1966d ago

They actually have a lot of newsworthy and interesting topics. It's just that once you start reading, you realize that the articles are poorly written, don't explain themselves, and aren't trustworthy at all.

gamern4g1966d ago

I am waiting for it so much.

AtomicGerbil1966d ago

Waste of a click. If that was meant to be funny it missed it by several light years.