Lost Odyssey and the Elusive Grown Up JRPG: So Close, Yet So Far

Bigfoot. Nessy. The grown up JRPG. Does Lost Odyssey prove the existence of an elusive gaming cryptid? Almost, but not quite.

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sithsylar1961d ago

I really did love this game because it was one of the few to offer a great challenge. I enjoyed the story and really do recommend.

NewMonday1961d ago

the last great FF in everything but name.

camel_toad1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Ain't that the truth.

EVILDEAD3601960d ago

Lost Odyssey is a hands down classic. It's a shame that the gen is winding down and we never got another RPG in it's old console school veins that matched LO in terms of scale.


NewMonday1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

funny you should say that, NiNoKini is just about to come out, their is a demo out now on PSN. while LO has a more serious tone, Wrath of the White Witch goes for a fairy tail vibe.

and her is a review from a dedicated RPG site:

Knight_Crawler1960d ago

Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect 1 where the two games that made me love my 360.

MS should have baught MistWalker Studio and Bioware when they had the chance - great developers.

RememberThe3571961d ago

Lost odyssey had one of the best stroys I've ever played. The short side stories, in particular completely engulfed me. I've never been one to read through walls of text but those things had me glued. It's too bad that everything else was so bland otherwise I would have finished that game. It's really one of the few game I regret not finishing completely.

Mutant-Spud1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Yeah I didn't finish it either it was great but it's too long, I lose track of those emotional Japanese plots after a while, IMO Nier nailed it beautifully in terms of pacing and flow with it's story, then it had sundry other missions and activities to do if you felt like it.

The Great Melon1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )


I still want to finish this game, but the disc despite new is unreadable in my Xbox. The stupid paper sleeve that Microsoft packaged the last disc in apparently leaves a residue that prevents the laser of many Xboxs from reading the disc.

On topic:

Dream sequences were the best part of the game to me. Every dream was heart moving and really pulled me in.

Godmars2901961d ago

I get that LO was a good JRPG, but to suggest that it was a mature themed trend setter is just, no.

The best time and chance the genre had to mature was mid SNES to PS1.

baodeus1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

A game like Lost Odyssey is filled with philosophical ideas (the 1000 years dream) and those ideas aren't for kids because they won't understand; Those ideas are even complicated for adults at times. That is why the game is mature because of those stories. Furthermore, i don't think any other games really help you to understand/get in touch with your character as much as Lost odyssey did, especially about Kaim, thanks to those stories. I guess most gamer don't really like to read don't they; they prefer some flashy CGI. I can tell you one thing though, no movies or CGI can convey all the details/emotion/imagination as a book or reading (FACT); that is why LO is so great. I still remember all of those stories and still pondering upon those philosophy ideas from LO years after completion.

Eventhough LO has magic, fantasy-ish setting, the stories are quite down to earth and humanized Kaim quite a bit, a great humble,wise, and very nice character at that. LO break away from the usual teen protagonist that is overdone in FF or most JRPG games. Quite refreshing really.

Godmars2901961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

In trying to defend or support a game like this you're missing the point that overall its not that impressive. It did *NOTHING* for the genre and Mistwalker moved on from it. The only real reason its especially memorable is that it was on the Xbox when the brand actively ignored JRPGs the gen before and 360 gamers who played it are clinging to *ANYTHING* from it to needlessly justify it.

I just can't take this game as serious, thought provoking and involving when most of the positive comments *HERE* are from people who've never *FINISHED* the damn thing.

EVILDEAD3601961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

@ Godmars

'The only real reason its especially memorable is that it was on the Xbox when the brand actively ignored JRPGs the gen before and 360 gamers who played it are clinging to *ANYTHING* from it to needlessly justify it.'

LMAO @ You clearly clinging to *Anything* to bash the game simply BECAUSE it is on the Xbox 360.

I finished the game YEARS ago and unlike YOU, it was clear from the start the L.O. was FAR more mature than games from 'SNES and PS1'

It literally is the ONLY game I've played where you literally go through an entire funeral ceremony.

But Badeus and others hit it on the nail about the emotional dream sequences.

Game is an RPG gem and EASILY one of if not THE best of the old school console type RPGs this gen.


catch1960d ago

I agree and in fact it is one of my favorite games in spite of the fact that it was only on the 360 which is not my preferred console.

Lvl_up_gamer1960d ago

I completely disagree with you.

LO may not have broken the FF mold from earlier years, but it has by far a much more mature tone to it compared to FF titles as well as the timing system to get that little extra increase in attack.

Mistwalker created a more engaging combat system. Normally in FF you would select the attack and watch the character attack. In LO you select attack and you got this mini game which kept you in the action instead of just sitting there waiting for the outcome.

The Dream literature was very deep and drew you into the tone of these characters and why they were so special.

The environments were amazing and the characters were a very refreshing choice. Jensen is still one of my favorite JRPG characters of all time.

I respect your opinion on the game yet I don't think you actually played it with your opening comment saying "get" that it was a good JRPG. To me you are saying you "understand" that it was a good game. What is there to understand? You either have experienced playing it or not.

I think your opinion is about as far off as they come when you say that LO wasn't a matured themed trend setter or that the best tiem and chance the genre had to mature was mid SNES or PS1 era.

I am sure your opinion will change when you actually play the game.

Godmars2901960d ago

I'm saying that I'm sick of a an early JRPG in the current, six year game console cycle, being held up as one of the best JRPG in that cycle.

It more of a poor statement about games this gen in general.

Lvl_up_gamer1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I understand your point.

But did you actually play the game to base that opinion from?

Godmars2901960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

No. I haven't played the game. I shouldn't need to when questioning it as a mature themed title with retro-mechanics when people are defending it *AS* a mature themed title with retro-mechanics. Its the retro-mechanics which are my main issue, and yet people defending the game can't separate the story.

Defending it by example of a funeral cutscene is the same logic as defending a scene in a movie just as defending by the novellas a chapter in a book. We're talking about a current gen game which really failed to take any real advantage of the technology it used being held up as example of what current gen titles of its genre could be be. And sorry, but that's backwards, limited logic.

Some of us are really missing the point of the argument - and believe it or not I don't think its not me.

Lvl_up_gamer1960d ago

"but to suggest that it was a mature themed trend setter is just, no."

- If you haven't played it then how can you even make this argument if you have no idea what is actually in the game.

"It did *NOTHING* for the genre and Mistwalker moved on from it."

- without playing the game, then how do you know it did nothing to the genre? You don't know how the genre changed since you don't know what was in LO.

"I just can't take this game as serious"

- You haven't played it so how can you NOT take it serious? You have no idea what the game offers so how can you base an opinion off of something you know nothing about?

"I'm saying that I'm sick of a an early JRPG in the current, six year game console cycle, being held up as one of the best JRPG in that cycle."

- How can you make this arguement if you have never played it? You can't compare it to any other JRPG because you have never played LO to be able to make the argument that just because it's an early JRPG it still can't be held as one of the best JRPG in the last 7 years.

So YES Godmars, you DO need to play it if you are going to base an argument over it's impact in the genre. How can you be so ignorant? Basing an argument over something you have never played or experienced in order to even make an argument up.

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baodeus1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I would agree that the game play wise isn't anything new, infact it just stay true to the very traditional turn base RPG; with that said, gameplay wise is very solid and challenging.
the game pacing could be improve as well and pretty slow at first, the game really didn't pick up until the end of disc 3(when all the cities are under attack) really don't know why developer pretty much cramp 1/2 of the game contents on the last disc as well (everything open up for full exploit, and especially that dam secret temple where u have to kill the enemies within the 1st 2 round or ur dead). If gamer has the patient, like when they use to play JRPG back then, they would be rewarded.

A good story is a must have for any RPG game and that is where LO excel at. The way mistwalker tell a story through those 1000 years dream instead of the usual CGI is the best decision they have made. it really walk u through all the experiences that kaim and other immortals been through; almost as if u are there with them; u feel what they feel, u feel regret, joy, confuse, humbled as they are when they going through those experiences. one particular story (the village closest to heaven) where KAim know the reason why people in a village die so early, but decided to leave them be instead of telling them because he sees how these people cherish every moment of their short life, something that he will never have; Reading that and u cant help but totally agree with his philosophy about life. Despite the fantasy settings, those story humanized them and made them quite relatable to you because it deals with the daily relationship, life and death that we face in reality. A small example like that can tell u so much about your character and that is something that other RPGs have not been able to achieve.

Based on your argument, I don't think u even play the game or u just really hate reading and prefer CGI instead. Give it a chance, because it is en entirely different game under that generic JRPG game play style.

On the opposite spectrum like the game JOURNEY also can elicit emotion and philosophical ideas without saying a word is quite amazing as well.

Ben_Grimm1960d ago

"I just can't take this game as serious, thought provoking and involving when most of the positive comments *HERE* are from people who've never *FINISHED* the damn thing."

Waitaminute...You yourself said that you have NEVER played the game and yet you have an opinion of the game not being thought provoking and involving?

Do you realize just how idiotic you just sounded? How can you form any type of opinion on this game when you haven't experienced anything it has to offer?

Every argument you have just made has been rendered moot because you have never ever played the game for yourself. How can you even back up your claims when you have no proof of what you just stated? Since, well….having never even played the game!!

I know Levl_gamer just stated everything that I'm saying and more but I just had to get in and emphasize just how mind boggling this truly is.

Hicken1960d ago

The game didn't really do anything revolutionary.

But it didn't have to.

It's a great game.

I never finished it- because I don't have my own 360 yet- but that doesn't stop me from acknowledging it as a great game. Never finished Persona 4, but I know it's great; the same with TWEWY.

It's definitely one of the best JRPGs this generation, console or handheld. There haven't been a LOT this generation(especially compared to the RIDICULOUS number the PS2 alone saw last gen), but there have been enough to have a top 5 list populated with some rather exceptional games.

All that said, I think the most "mature" JRPGs wind up being the SMT games, Persona or otherwise. They definitely tackle darker themes than other games, even if their casts are younger.

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Chrono1961d ago

I bought this game a few weeks ago but haven't played it yet. I hope it's good.

catch1961d ago

If you dig old-school RPGs with turn-based combat and a world map to explore (at first the map is linear but it opens up) then you will likely love it. It is one of my favorites and 1000 years of dreams sequences are a rare treat. They left a big impact.

no_more_heroes1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Every time I see or hear mention of this game, four words pop up instantly in my mind:

"Letters from a Weakling"

Play it and you'll see what I mean soon enough.

Man, those stories were amazing! Some of the best storytelling I've ever seen!