Persona 4 Golden is PS Vita’s Top-Rated Game

Posted by Robyn Mukai // Marketing Manager, Atlus-

It goes without saying that PlayStation.Blog readers are the some of the savviest, most informed gamers out there. So it almost seems silly to tell you that since its launch on November 20th, Persona 4 Golden has held the honor of being the highest-rated PS Vita title ever according to Metacritic and Gamerankings. Are you surprised? Of course not, because you know P4G’s immersive 100+ hour adventure backwards and forwards. You know the grounded, relatable characters that are at turns emotional, then hilarious. (Trial of the Dragon, anyone?) You’re more than proficient at finding, fusing, and customizing all the best, strongest Personas to handle Kanji’s steamy bathhouse boss battle. You've memorized the list of upgrades and new content that have helped bring Persona 4 Golden to even greater heights of critical success than the beloved PlayStation 2 version it’s based on."

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Lovable1997d ago

It was inevitable. The best game out there right now imo.

SonyNGP1997d ago

Out of all the ports. This one's the best.

Eazy-Eman1996d ago

Do you guys know how hard it is to juggle persona and finals?? It's not easy :/

SolidDuck1996d ago

I picked up this game and I'm sorry I know this game has a ton of fans, but I just didn't like it. It just seems that every jrpg's main character has a young teenage kid saving everyone, and just the dumbest cheesiest dialog that's ever been written. The main story is actually pretty interesting, but the dialog is so sat morning cartoon, that its just garbage. The battle system seemed fine and the style and graphics were great. Everyone seems to love it so I'm sure ill get disagrees, but that's how I felt about it.

TongkatAli1996d ago

The game has a lot of content. Its not your type of game, but you can't really expect anybody to take you seriously when you're so insulting and acting like you the cool ###t
for not liking, Persona 4. You're so above a game that is probably better then any game you finished, but no it has teenagers!!!! Omg, #### them cause I'm old and bitter about not being one anymore.

Hicken1996d ago

What Saturday morning cartoon do you watch where high schoolers solve the murder of their acquaintances?

Yeah, I know you said dialogue, but how many of those cartoons you allude to come anywhere NEAR the script in P4?

And every jrpg has young kids as the main characters? That's odd. Cuz the majority of the FF characters since VII(at the least) have been over 18(VIII is the only one with a primarily or entirely cast under 18). Lost Odyssey, arguably one of the best jrpgs of this generation, has just two under 18(and they're not even teens). The .hack games feature main characters of all ages. Valkyria Chronicles has one main character under 20.

And they're not even all about saving the world.

Those parts that are cheesy? They're written that way. It's called humor. It's not the entire dialogue.

Kingthrash3601996d ago

While I think your wrong about the game, you gave an honest opinion. I gave u a agree simply because I don't think your trolling, thats just your opinion.
That said I was like you with persona 3.
I just didn't like the vibe. I never got into it and it was a real struggle to buy this one. Now days I'm more open to gaming so I gave it a chance not a try. I suggest you do the same give it a chance, meaning read every sentence. the story is quite compelling IMO. It drags me in and now I'm addicted to it. I play all day at work,its really deep and make me want to get to know all the characters and what not. I can rant all day but yeah I feel you.

izumo_lee1996d ago

Like most JRPGs they are not for everyone but if you are disliking this game just cause the characters are young adults & the dialogue is 'cheesy' than you are missing out on the core values of this game.

P4 is a game that needs 100% dedication to fully enjoy what it has to offer. Although you may not enjoy the dialogue, it is very important to understand what they are saying cause it affects your social links if you answer some of the questions unaccordingly.

As for the young teenage main characters. The Japanese have strong social values & that starts at a young age. Most of their JRPGs revolve around young people cause it is an easy way to invoke the lessons of life in general with a young character. The choices one has to make when they are young that will significantly impact them growing up. Although the stories in JRPGs are extreme like getting involved in wars, solving mysteries, etc it is not so different in the real world like finishing school, earning a degree, getting a job, getting married stuff like that.

If these aspects are not at your liking than i suggest finding a different genre cause most JRPGs are this.

kopicha1996d ago

I love jrpgs. But I aint a fan of Persona. In fact I never played any of the Persona games before. This is the first Persona game I ever play. And I love it. In fact imo... it is probably the best jrpg I have played in recent years.

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TheLastGuardian1996d ago

It's not just the top rated PS Vita game. Persona 4 Golden is the most critically acclaimed game of the year on any platform.

I'm dying to play it, but I'm still finishing Persona 3 Portable (my first Persona game). I'm 62 hours in and loving it. Definitely a 10/10 imo and I hear P4G is a whole lot better so I can't wait to play it.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1996d ago

Play it now or I'll give you a thumbs down :P

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