Sony to sell chip facility to Toshiba for $835 million

In a move to focus on their core businesses, Sony Corp. announced Wednesday that it will sell its microchip production facilities in western Japan to Toshiba Corp. for 90 billion yen ($835 million).

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sevanig3830d ago

they feel sorry for toshiba losing the hd war...

Zip3830d ago

Observably Sony feels bad for them :-)... They don't want to be kicking a football around themselves on a giant statidum themselves lol

kewlkat0073829d ago

"It's nothing new, strategically speaking and it's NOTHING to be concerned about, either. It is understandable though, that they want to cut their hardware manufacture losses and leave the miniaturisation of the Cell BE to the next two levels to someone who knows what they're doing (IBM) or have/want the manufacturing capacity (Toshiba)."

Tochiba may have lost HD-DVD but they will be making plenty on the next 45nano and 32nano cell production which sony have jumped off that ship.

Don't you just love business. If they decide to use the next iteration of the cell on the PS4 (Which I doubt) well Toshiba will still get paid.

Gorgon3829d ago

" If they decide to use the next iteration of the cell on the PS4 (Which I doubt) well Toshiba will still get paid."

I'm not so sure about that. The Cell was develop not only for the PS3 but also for other consumer electronics. It cost a fortune to develop while MS just grabed a conventional PowerPC cpu and customized it. I don't think that Sony will just throw away the Cell for the PS4 and start developing a new CPU from scratch. Too costly.

The way I see it they're going to put a multi-core Cell in the next PS4. Why? it won't cost anywhere as near as developing somethin from scrath AND by that time devkits and delopers experience with the Cell will be far more advanced. PS2 was also a pain in the ass back in the old days and now is just rotine. The same will happen with the Cell. No point in introducing something completely new. This is especially true if Sony decides to come up with a new PS4 fast by 2010/2011 to battle xbox 720 if the later shows up by 2010.