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Why This Generation of Consoles Is Not Dead Yet

Dave Walsh of Explosion.com takes a look at the current generation of consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii) and why they still have a lot of life left in them; from low prices on systems themselves to value pricing on their best games. (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment, Wii, Xbox 360)

Pillsbury1  +   967d ago
There is still a lot left in the current generation. What with amazing exclusives like the last of us and beyond and continued support beyond next gen thanks to a mass install base. There is also a large back catolog of games yet to be finished and discovered. But I am ready to see where the future takes us. Long live play.
Yangus  +   967d ago
Not dead,very old technology.
DA_SHREDDER  +   967d ago
there's more tech is prepaid phones than what's in these machines, I wouldn't say they're dead, but they are definitely obsolete.

Edit: @Conzul. Well considering how much market shart the handheld market has, they should at least be taking notes. wtf have they been doin in the past 8 years?!
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Conzul  +   967d ago
Well that's what happens when 7-8 years pass.
josephayal  +   967d ago
Dead? c'mon! im sooo busy in Far cry 3
rainslacker  +   967d ago
I dunno...from what I've been reading for the past 5-6 years it's been DOA since before it started. /s
gamern4g  +   967d ago
Its strange! Xbox360 has for now a lot of power issues in the new games, because this system is too old. For excample AC3 and Dishonored gameplay is rubbish on Xbox360 because theres huge loading times and frame drops, you can see with your own eye how big is LAG. My PS3 is still working like a rock, but its also so old console. We do need new consoles and now!
black911  +   967d ago
Just look at Beyond Two Souls. Name 5 games that look better than the upcoming ps3 exclusive.

The last of us has amazing visuals and A.I that has never been seen before.

Not a fanboy but the ps3 is in a differnt league and the 360 has held it back this gen.
dvewlsh  +   966d ago
Sony has always released systems that developers finally start to really understand near the end of the lifespan. PS2 games were pretty incredible in the last few years and I think we'll see the same for PS3.
black911  +   966d ago
True but its too soon for next gen.

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