PC Psychic Controller Hits This Year

Mind-controlled video games comes to the masses this Christmas for $US 300 a pop. Emotiv's Epoc "high-fidelity nero system" will begin shipping later this year with a Bluetooth dongle for synching with a computer and come packed with a PC game that will allow gamers to levitate virtual rocks, pull digital trees and scare of in-game spirits, all with their minds.

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Fishy Fingers3620d ago

Its an interesting idea but i think ill stick to k/b and mouse thanks.

Be nice to see if it changes after a joint though lol..

The Fungus3620d ago

One of you guys buy it and tell me how it works out '____'

GodsHand3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Reminds me of those RC cars that were controlled by you head aswell, but they just had gyros to indicate which way your head was tilted.

DeadlyFire3620d ago

Sounds good, but I don't see any games supporting it. So why would I shell out $300 bucks just to try it out?

feejo3620d ago

All the waves in directly in your brain and you will get a cancer.

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