FarCry 3 PC Performance Tip

Get that extra "UMPH" out of your FarCry 3 visuals on PC.

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SnakeCQC1931d ago

wow just one tip changing the ssao setting

RuperttheBear1931d ago

'Next week, we will show you how changing the resolution can give you a performance boost.'

brian1985FM1931d ago

Actually next week I'm doing a tip on how to get an abortion so people like you don't exist.

RuperttheBear1931d ago

Lol, did I hurt your feelings? I'm sorry. No that was a really good tip, and if I hadn't looked up on a few performance guides that go into detail on pretty much every graphic option in the game, then that tip would have helped.

Thanks for potentially giving me that one good tip.

brian1985FM1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

no worries. Just really sick and don't want to put up with crap today.

brian1985FM1931d ago

Not many people know how that works. My game was running at like30 frames on full settings now it runs at 60 just because I changed that setting.

DoomeDx1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

A 30 extra FPS just because of SSAO?
Thats bullshit.

5 or 10 FPS, yeah that sounds believable.

but 30? lol

Brawler1931d ago


Agreed, for some weird reason SSAO works better then HDAO on my ATi 6950 (Unlocked to 6970). HDAO looks better but I take a 5-10 fps performance hit. As well increasing Max frames rendered works nicely ads a bit of input lag but makes game feel smooth which is fine for SP

Ducky1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

He might have been using vsync.

AKS1931d ago


The "weird reason" SSAO is running smoother than HDAO for you is that SSAO is a less demanding method of ambient occlusion.

HDAO and HBAO are better looking but more demanding compared to SSAO.

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inf3cted11931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Lol thats bullshit. And then he comments saying its legit with its second account. Nice website.

And no changing the SSAO setting doesnt double your frames.

brian1985FM1931d ago

definitely improves, I'm running an SLi setup, so maybe it's different, but the difference was big!

chukamachine1931d ago

It improves it. By about 7fps on my comp.

But tbh, there isn't much difference between high to veryhigh to ultra. And some things like ssao in various forms are not worth the fps lost.

Seriously, if you click ultra on any game and it's 60fps or nice fps, great.

If not, check what actually takes up fps and turn it off, a lot of the time, you would not even notice it.