Ferrari Challenge - Beating Gran Turismo to the Finish Line

Gameplayer has a hand-on preview of Ferrari Challenge live on the site. The racing simulation includes realistic physics, damage modeling and 16 player online multiplayer.

"But the bigger revelation was the A.I. Producing realistic racing behaviour in A.I. vehicles is like conquering Everest for the genre's developers and to date we can't say we've found any game to be particularly convincing in this respect. Could this be the title that takes racing next-gen?"

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sonarus3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

both exclusives exclusive to ps3 on next gen consoles but GT will own it without any effort. great job by the devs 16 player online racing seems GT has inspired them. Now everyone will want to do it lol

ruibing3777d ago

Only an exclusive according to the site in regards to no 360 port. But I've never heard of this game or the developer. I doubt I'll be wasting my money on it when GT5 Prologue is right around the corner.

sonarus3777d ago

there is actually a good reason it isnt coming to 360 something to do with licensing i think. I know i wnt get it but its nice to have another great racer on the playstation side.

Blademask3777d ago

Yeah you can have damage modeling on low poly cars that dont look anything close to photo realistic.

Still picking this one up though.. i wuvvv ferrariz

SlappingOysters3777d ago

watch you don't find yourself looking at the PS2 screenshots. The game was developed with PS3 as the lead format, and looks a lot better in that than it does on the ports

sonarus3777d ago

actually i heard the game looks quite good with weather effects heard polygon count is 300,000 Dosent look nearly as good as GT but its a nice game to have on ps3

Blasphemy3777d ago

Haven't heard of this game until now. I may look into picking it up but I need to know more about it.

CG3777d ago

Theres a ton of racing sims out there that has way better physics and A.I. than GT. and after playing GT5 prologue that trend is going to continue.

Genki3777d ago

why don't you go ahead and just educate us then?

I don't mean just names, partner, a monkey could do that.

Tell us exactly why every game you list is superior to GT and in what way. I'm all ears.

SlappingOysters3777d ago

I love how quickly fans of games pounce on any slightly negative comment.

Gran Turismo is a hopeless joke of a series in my book. Give me Race Driver or Coln McRae.

Genki3777d ago

Since when did I claim to be a fanboy of Gran Turismo? I enjoy the games, but am admittedly not a racing or a car all.

So tell me, how was my comment pouncing? I was calling a troll on his bluff, it's as simple as that.

Seems to me that people like YOU can't take being challenged on your statements. I'm still waiting for concrete reasons why the A.I. and physics are supposedly a joke.

You can hate GT all you want and think Mario Kart is a better game for all I care, but when you make claims saying that there are scores of games that eclipse everything GT5 does, then you had better be ready to back something like that up.

Fishy Fingers3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

it seems people on this site like to make wild unsubstantiated claims about games yet when you challange them for reasons they simply claim your a fanboy...

RuffRyder3776d ago

CG stated that there are games which has better A.I and Physics than GT.Wether you like it or not that is true... GT does NOT have the most realistic physics, games like forza, GTR series and TOCA\race driver series has better physics and A.I than GT.

SlappingOysters3776d ago

Genki your post was dripping with sarcasm dude, that is why it sounded fanboyish, to me anyway...

It wasn't my statement you were challenging, but anyway...

For me GT has always been held back by its lack of damage modelling. How can you call youself the most realistic driving Sim, but allow gamers to use railings to go around corners... there is another game that does that, its called SEGA Rally, the very definitio of arcade.

I can appreicate why people like it, I just don't think it deserves nearly the hype it gets.

Genki3776d ago

this isn't an issue of whether I "like it or not"

In all honesty I couldn't care less. Like I said, I was calling a troll on his bluff...if you genuinely think that about those games, good for you, I won't tell you you're wrong, but in CG's post, I sensed foul play.

@Oysters above

Well, I apologize for the confusion then.

I agree with you about the damage modeling, but again, I'm not quite as car savvy as some, so it admittedly doesn't bother me as much as it may others, but I completely understand how it takes away from the integrity of what the game represents. What I like about GT is that it's fun, challenging, and rewarding. So there are more realistic games out there, doesn't discredit GT IMO. There's nothing wrong with liking several games within a genre, they each have something to offer. I'm just trying to get away from that elitist mentality.

Again, I've got absolutely no quarrel with anyone who doesn't like GT, or even hates it for that's not my baby, nor is it one of my favorites(again hearkening back to me not being a car guy). I was simply calling what I saw as a bluff is all. In any case I guess I shouldn't feed trolls though, so my bust either way.

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Fishy Fingers3777d ago

Think ill hold out for GT, especially with prologue just around the corner, that should fill by driving sim needs for sometime to come.

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