Far Cry 3 'High Tides' DLC will be free for PS3 gamers

GameZone writes, "In an effort to learn whether the PS3-exclusive DLC would be eventually offered on the Xbox 360 and/or PC, a Ubisoft PR member informed us it would be free for PS3 owners."

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JoGam1871d ago

That means free for me. Yay!

Thatguy-3101871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Woo woo and me too!This game is honestly bad Ass. The whole concept is intense and the way your character transforms from this weak human being to a killing machine is just amazing. Enjoying the hell out of it right now. Can't wait for the DLC.

Blackdeath_6631871d ago

i was about to get the game on pc but i guess ps3 it is. ubisoft have been putting out pretty decent content for PS. an hour of exclusive AC3 missions,ACliberation and now this. also since they have committed to releasing free DLC on ps3 it must mean that the ps3 version should not have any issues in terms of performance

Welshy1871d ago

As a PS3 owner, this great news and the free content may continue to flow all day long if they want =P

On the downside, i just bought a £1000 PC partly as a design investment and partly game purposes, and i really want to see Far Cry 3 in all it's maxed out glory =/


Welshy1871d ago

Wtf? why has my "continue" turned to an ad =S

Norrison1871d ago

Hoping it won't be that expensive for PC, I'll take 120fps over 20-25 though so it's a fair trade for everyone but 360 gamers I guess.

Muffins12231871d ago

AND NOT FOR ME....YA-wait a second

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Lovable1871d ago

This is what I want for Christmast...and 4 sets of 17 inch black rims

lifesanrpg1871d ago

Black rims are all the rage right now

Lovable1871d ago

Black rims will perfectly suit my 2005 tuned up toyota celica

Ace_Pheonix1871d ago

4 sets!?! Damn, that's a lot of rims!

creeping judas1871d ago

Dang it!!
Should of bought it on the PS3, stupid Xbox360 and the friends who also bought it on the 360!!


don't know why any one should feel stupid about it.. MS do their own exclusive deals with DLC..., (although if Iam totally honest, MS are crap at KEEPING stuff exclusive lololol ) anyway. I am enjoying the game on the 360.

ziggurcat1871d ago

which means that if it isn't free for X360 owners, it won't be on X360 at all, given MS's draconian release policies.

Blackdeath_6631871d ago

although i'm not a fan of the xbox if ubisoft don't release this DLC on the 360 it would be pretty stupid as they will alienate their fanbase. unless ofcourse the DLC isn't that significant and is just a few silly missions on another island or something in which case 360 owners wouldn't be missing anything.

DigitalRaptor1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Massive publishers like Capcom do it. It's stupid from a consumer's point of view, but it doesn't alienate a fanbase all that much. Dead Rising: Case Zero for example.

FarCryLover1821871d ago

They can put free DLC, just can't have achievements.

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