Final Fantasy XIII Delayed to Spring 2010? Um...

Kotaku Writes:

Dunno! But we do know it's sure hard to delay a game that isn't dated. Square Enix hasn't said much about the game - which is, in a way, good, because we'd rather have them working on it than talking about working on it. Last we heard, Square Enix was smashing rumors that the game would be out this year. No wonder people are worrying! Some Japanese industry analysts over on Japanese stock news site Trader's Web predicted that Final Fantasy XIII would be pushed back to March 2010. Until then, the value of Square Enix's stocks is supposed to drop.

What's more, website Hobby Blog points out, some 2channel users are starting to compare FFXIII to vaporware like Gran Turismo for the PSP. We haven't heard any rumblings, suggesting that Square Enix was going to release the game as late as 2010 - though, it could happen! Though, pinning fears and tears on the Traders Web prediction is a little silly at this point. As KBC analyst Hiroshi Kamide tells Kotaku:

No news good or bad from the company really, but I expect the shares to start rallying again nearer the time DQIX is to be released.

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sonarus3679d ago

This is all just speculation. No one but square enix no how far along this game is and square enix is intentionally not revealing anything. Its a fair guess to expect it anytime between xmas 2008 in japan and summer 09 at the very latest.

REbirth3679d ago

yeah a speculation to became true anytime soon! remember the FF12? it should be resealed in 2004 but we only saw it in 2006! so i've expected this for FF13! shame...cus this would be the game 4 me to buy a ps3! playin WOW:P


ask yourself do you really mind with all the killer apps thats coming out..I dont how you guys played 15 games in one month , thats just spectacular if i can do that. It took me 2 months to finish uncharted playing about 1 or 2 hours a day .you work , you watch tv , movies or do anything at all....wait i was the same way until i hit 30..thats why i hate when they said we had no game in 07 thats was just not true.. i got to finish uncharted ,heavenly sword , ratchet , and spend alot of time on warhawk and the show ......

bottomline is fellas if the game is good the delay will be worth it...

InMyOpinion3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Many PS3 exclusives getting delayed. I hope MGS4 and Killzone 2 stay on track. Does anyone know when GT5 is due?

f7ss13678d ago

that happened with ff12 because the producer or director er somone involved like that became extremely ill and development was halted for an extended period of time

wow143678d ago

I'd trust this. Kotaku and those guys on 2chan are pretty connected.

This is how information leaks out -- maybe we should wait and see when Square denies this information.

If this is true, there are going to be a lot of really upset ps3 owners.

Lifendz3678d ago

At this rate we'll have Killzone 3 and God of War 3 before Final Fantasy is ready. C'mon Square, get it together. PS3 is RPG starved. I hope White Knight story makes it out this year. I need a JRPG fix and soon.

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i_like_ff73679d ago


wageslave3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Dont worry.

Sakaguchi-san has nothing to do with Final Fantasy now. And, the story is unrelated from game-to-game. So why do you care about the FF brand-name?

So, if you want a Sakaguchi-san game, you can buy Lost Odyssey.

Or, you can buy Infinite Undiscovery or Last Remnant.

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chrno63679d ago

I agree with Sonarus. Besides, the progammers of the previous ff games should be given more credit, it's not like Sakaguchi magically produced a great game by himself.

grilledgorlupa83679d ago

not just the programmers but the whole team from character design to artwork to everything.

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Nevers3678d ago

"I feel a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened"

~ old Ben

I hope this rumor is NOT true.

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rCrysis3679d ago

i believe the Japanese version of the game will be released late this year. thats what i think. the north American and European versions. thats the question.

ruibing3679d ago

I just hope it gets released as soon as possible.

Square Enix has just been real silent about its next gen games. I haven't heard much about Last Remnant except that article suggesting getting the game might be the only way to get a demo of FFXIII.

wow143678d ago

You might be right, maybe that is how it is going to go.

maybe they want to release it after the PS3 gets a bigger install base? Maybe they push back FFXIII and work harder on Last Remnant because it is multiplatform?

TrevorPhillips3679d ago

farkkkkkkkkkkkk man thats so long sorry for my language but thats just to far pushed back ahh what can you do there probebly gonna work on the graphics or it might be a rumour

jiinn3678d ago

Yeah, i think its just a rumour.

Kotaku really should have tried and get someone at Squenix to confirm or deny this rumour.