IGN GDC 2008: Too Human Progress Report

IGN writes: Microsoft kicked its GDC 2008 presence into high gear by showing one of its premier titles launching this year, Too Human. The development team, Silicon Knights, was on hand for the biggest public showing in quite some time to show off the latest build of the game and give attendees some brief hands-on time with the game.

In our short time with the game, we noticed a substantial improvement in the polish on the game. The combat feels tighter and the framerate is a bit more stable. We still had a few instances where the camera wasn't ideal and the game is yet a work in progress, but what we played felt on track. With such an epic game, however, it's tough to get a good idea on how the final product will turn out when you only get to play for 15 minutes.

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Fishy Fingers3805d ago

Still dont know about this one. Id rather they forget about improving the graphics and get a stable frame rate.

Think its gonna be a rent first for me.

Anyone know when this is coming out?

adalwolfe3805d ago

may 2008... gamestop states may 6th..
see link:

I think it looks good graphically, i don't really notice the framerate issues you mentioned. Although I am a sucker for character customization and coop gameplay. Practically every coop game with customization/online coop/action is a buyer for me, unless its a complete failure.. *cough*two worlds*cough*cough*..

Genki3805d ago

hat's one of those games that was so bad that the whole world seems to have forgotten about it. PS3 haters don't even use it as ammo anymore, lol.

Blasphemy3805d ago

It's ridiclous that they are not close to finsishing this game. I seriously think this game is going to flop when it comes out.

green3805d ago

why do you think so?
personally i thnk its turning out to be a great game.Different from almost any game coming out this year on the 360 so i think its really going to do well.

Blasphemy3805d ago

It just the early feedback the game was getting. I just don't understand how you can have a game in development for that long and have people who are not impressed with it. Things look to be looking up now but I just don't know about this one.

THAMMER13805d ago

I'm looking forward to Too Human. From what they are showing this game is going to cross RPG and ACTION perfectly. MASS EFFECT was a perfect example of 3rd person shooter mixed with RPG.